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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
Augh! I thought i posted this earlier! **Shakes fist at LJ**

Okay! So:

1) Thank you to ninepointfivemm for the new icon <3


Saturday: Rosie gets in, No plans
Sunday: Going to Josh's Barbecue in the afternoon
Monday: Tea has work, no plans
Tuesday: Tea has work, then TRANSFORMERS
Wednesday: Fourth festivities!
Thursday: Dinner with Tea's parents!
Friday: Tickets to Spelling Bee
Saturday: Rosie Leaving, Tea trades for Sarah.

Anybody who wants to come to Transformers or meet up on the 4th is welcome! Just say the magic word!

3) On the subject of Transformers: I didn't buy the tickets yet-- because they added a HUGE number of extra shows at the Regal in TSq. Would anyone be unable to attend if we do a 9 or 9:40 show instead of 10:20 on 34th St? I know some of you can't do 8, but I would prefer to do slightly earlier to be able to get up for Coney Island and such. We can meet for dinner at 7-7:30 or so and head over & anyone who can't make dinner can meet us there?

a. pikacharma coming Thursday. We will hopefully be doing wacky stuff when I get off work!
b. liret coming Thurs. or Fri., schedule depending.
c. We all three have books reserved at Barnes & Noble in USq, which is where the biggest party is supposedly going to be. cacophonesque, henpecked, and mildlyironic, I think, are all planning to come as well.
d. Order of costumes: We're going as Death Eater Pirates, as of right now. Anyone else who wants to be a mate on the Good Ship Voldypop is welcome.
e. The girl at B&N says to get there before 4pm for the party. She didn't seem to know what the deal was with bracelets, whether they're hading them out first thing in the morning or what, but we'll figure it out. This whole bracelet thing= so wacky to me, in Cambridge I showed up at 11:30 and got my book fifth because I happened to be standing in the right place when they opened the boxes.

And if anyone else would like to come, I do still have floorspace available.

All right, and this will be the last post I make for a while with updatey-planny stuff!

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A 9 o'clock show might be better. We'll get more sleep and there will be more people at the show, so lots more fun. :D

WHOT? Pika is coming here?! :D May I invade?



**Starts putting together seduction playlist**

2. I think I might go down to Coney with you guys (if only to go to the hot dog eating contest) because it's v. close for me.

3. Either time works for me. Also, count me in for dinner. Just tell me where to show up and I shall be there!

4. Ok. I will call there and reserve my book then. What does one wear as a Death Eater Pirate? I have no idea WTF is going on with the bracelets, either. 4PM is pretty darn early to show up for a Midnight release!

KK, I think we're doing 9:40

Pirate clothes in your respective house colors! I am wearing a red and gold pirate hat, red and gold vest, etc.

I think you need to show up at 4ish, and then get your bracelet? Then come back later? Not sure! We can find out more closer to date!

Death Eater PIRATES? That's awesome! Auugh, I wish I could figure out where the major parties are here. SO JEALOUS.

Yes! We are making a Jolly Dark Mark flag!

Harry Potter

As much as I love reading the books, I can't wait for the movies. I know I sound sick, but Ralph Fiennes is fucking hot even without a nose. ;) Love you, Tea.

The new movie is also looking fucking awesome.

I fail to see why no one commented on your icon.


I think the boobies intimidated them too much.

question: should we reserve the book? After seeing the interview JKR did, I now am not sure whether I want to go to the awesomest explosion of HP and get the book or go to a craptacular one and get the book possibly slightly earlier, because there will be no one there XD

I think everyone else reserved our books there, so it's up to you-- if you'd rather go somewhere else, that's okay, but we're all planning to go to the huge one.

Also, my work might be giving me video cameras to interview people on line and things like that so I need to be at the big one!

Reckon I will be dropping by for a while! Psych to meet everyone!

K, cool! Even if you can't come for the whole thing it will be cool to see you!

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