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cap, captain miss america

Starting as soon as we've got our books.

Ending around dawn, or later if we aren't falling asleep on the ground. Our readaloud expert says the whole book should take approx 20 hours, so we're just going to do as much as we can by sunrise.

If you're in the NY area, you're invited.

If you're not, you can still text in and post pics and video from whatever release party you're at! (text blast.hp to 43332)

Pass the word around!

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Oh, I'll be posting with my progress!

I'm so excited, I could pee.

Eeeee cool! Let me know if you need have any questions about texting stuff in to us and I'll help you out. The site is still kind of funky in places!

Signing up was a snap! All the texts came pretty much instantly. I haven't tried texting in because I'm not very handy with my phone, but in short... it rocks. :)

You should pity me. All alone in Perth, without awesome group readings.

Also means I get to sleep on the eve of the release though, and conveniently purchase the book at 7:01AM. But you should still pity me.

You can still post in pics with us! Yes!

I would, if I had access to a camera. Seriously. Bane of my existence. I want to be a camwhore.

Awwww :-(

You can open up a psychic connection?

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