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bits and pieces from around the world.
cap, captain miss america
So tomorrow I'm going to Rooftop to watch a slasher movie about Brooklyn with my friend Phil.

Does anyone nearby want to come to rooftop? It's not actually on a rooftop tomorrow, it's on a lawn. cacophonesque? selfunderstared?

Speaking of which, in general, selfunderstared, what are you doing this weekend? I want to get together sans costumes!

Next Tuesday is my 29th birthday. I will be turning six. My parents are taking me and liret out on my actual birthday, but I am going to see about doing birthday drinks with my coworkers on Monday or Wednesday.

In non-celebratory news, I found an enormous roach colony in my apartment.

Was it in the trash? No! By the oven? No! Under the fridge? No! Was it in any of the places I have been checking for roaches? Hell no! It was INSIDE A PIECE OF CORRUGATED CARDBOARD that I was saving for craft activities. Ew. Now I smell like roach poop.

Yummy yummy.

I drew some art this weekend at the family reunion. It's of one of my RP characters and one of rattsu's. These are the ones that quizzicalsphinx was talking about who switched brains for a month. Now they're back to, erm. Normal?

Oh, the family reunion? Was kind of meh. But it was nice to see people and I met a lot of relatives I'd never met before. And there was roast piggie.
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Yeah, they like cardboard. Watch out for that.

I did not know this! It was like a roach palace! Now it is in the trash. The outside trash!

I once was blind, but now I see!

The truth will set you free (from cockroaches).

My boyfriend says he doesn't like Jochy and Elaine either. ALthough mostly he says it's because that whole thing is creepy, what with Jochy technically being in his late twenties-early thirties or even -older- depending on who yout alk to...

Some of the crazier bits I wasn't around for-in high school I flaked in and out missed a good deal of that backstor even when I -was- around.

I like the Jochy/Elaine thing solely because it's driven several characters crazy and promises to drive others crazy in the near future. :)

Sadly, I think the only one of my characters who likes it apart from Elaine is the ghost.

I can agree with that. That's definitely one of those pairings that makes the whle cast of the game "WTF" collectively.

Well... Jochiem is about 35 or so now...

But I always counted Jochy as about a decade younger really, he both looks and acts it. He's about Seth's age which is now almost to mid twenty.

Seeing as how he came about to be, his true age is kinda complicated.

I mean do we count the age of the body his original memories were stolen from? (Jochiem - 35 now)

Do we count the age of the body he stole (perhaps 30 now)

Do we count the age he was in the memory fragments that formed his self for such a long time (varying between 12+5 and 20+5 then)

I tend to do the last, since his body was sort of rebooted after he managed to turn it back from what Ratashar had wrought with it. Back then he seemed to have settled around 20 when his memories started to merge, and since then about 4 years or so have passed.

So physically and mentally he should be almost 25... still a gap but not as huge a one.

But yeah, this was not planned, and honestly I have NO clue what the hell Jochy will do. Or how this will turn out. He resisted it for the longest time due to the creepiness of it, but I blame Puck.

It is all his fault.

The age difference is not so much a problem for any of my characters because it's actually about right for the time period Andre comes from-- men would be expected to wait till they were in their 20s or 30s and established in society to marry and then would marry much younger women.

The problem Andre has with it is, if anything, that Jochy [i]isn't secure enough[/i] and [i]can't and won't marry her[/i], thus risking her reputation and her ability to marry and be cared for in the future-- or her ability to stay with Judith. I don't think he'd actually have an issue if she were sleeping with someone intent on marrying her.

He's basically concerned that if she gets pregnant she'd be left destitute. He'd take care of her, of course, but that's not the life he wants for her. So no creep factor. The age thing is entirely normal for the time period.

The ghost, on the other hand, loves Jochy and has no idea he's married, so she's all for it.

I like playing it simply because [i]it's completely insane[/i].

Hmmm. Well, my lay-about friends are all dead and death pending as far as going to see Velevt Goldmine goes, so I am free Friday night, but I'm still bound by public transport to get my sorry butt back to Jersey. So, according to the link, I can make the movie but not all of the afterparty. Life is such a trial, sometimes. ::hand to forehead::

I'm actually free for the rest of the weekend, for that matter. I hereby declare that any get-together we both attend qualifies a birthday party since it's almost your and I just had mine.

Also, ew, bugs. There is someone on our floor who keeps leaving huge rancid bags of dead bodies smothered in eggs and rancid bacon fat in the trash room in front of the compactor chute. I'm conviced that any day now an infestation of ten foot roaches is going to make itself known.

Okay, so let's just do something Saturday or Sunday! Either day is good for me, we can go get birthday lunches!

Mmm, birthday lunches sound luverly. Did you have anywhere in particular in mind?

I totally did not have anywhere particular in mind! Where do you come in when you come from Jersey? We can meet up somewhere convenient for both of us!

Well, I come in on the PATH, so anywhere along 6th from the mid-thirties on down, westerly bits by Christopher and the financial district are a stone's thrown from my stops, but I've no problem getting elsewhere when it isn't off-off-peak.

Hmm... I think that tonight I'm going to a house party to celebrate the end of Fellows training.

However, I'd love to buy you a slice of pie for your birthday. Or a cup of teayourself. My weekend should be pretty much open, and I've got a lot of availability this coming week, too.

Also, ew. Roaches. EW.

Awesome! And congrats for ending training! I'm free both days right now, except Kelsey and I are planning to do something at some point, but you'd be welcome to join us, too. Or Jess is going to be around on Monday and it sounds like we're doing drinks next Friday instead.

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