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So tomorrow I'm going to Rooftop to watch a slasher movie about Brooklyn with my friend Phil.

Does anyone nearby want to come to rooftop? It's not actually on a rooftop tomorrow, it's on a lawn. cacophonesque? selfunderstared?

Speaking of which, in general, selfunderstared, what are you doing this weekend? I want to get together sans costumes!

Next Tuesday is my 29th birthday. I will be turning six. My parents are taking me and liret out on my actual birthday, but I am going to see about doing birthday drinks with my coworkers on Monday or Wednesday.

In non-celebratory news, I found an enormous roach colony in my apartment.

Was it in the trash? No! By the oven? No! Under the fridge? No! Was it in any of the places I have been checking for roaches? Hell no! It was INSIDE A PIECE OF CORRUGATED CARDBOARD that I was saving for craft activities. Ew. Now I smell like roach poop.

Yummy yummy.

I drew some art this weekend at the family reunion. It's of one of my RP characters and one of rattsu's. These are the ones that quizzicalsphinx was talking about who switched brains for a month. Now they're back to, erm. Normal?

Oh, the family reunion? Was kind of meh. But it was nice to see people and I met a lot of relatives I'd never met before. And there was roast piggie.
Tags: art, life, rooftop
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