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They say it's your birthday...
cap, captain miss america

Awesome awesome day. I started out waking up to birthday greetings like crazy, including this little dude from nadav:

(who is amazing, by the way).

Then I went out to lunch with Phil, Amanda, Jay, and Noah, and then came back to MOAR BIRTHDAY GREETINGS and what appears to be a Guinness with a straw in it in my lj userinfo from pikacharma, which came with the following greeting:

"Happy birthday to you
From the Death Eater crew
Let's slowroast some mudbloods
And cast Crucio too"

Plus the cupcake kitten from liret, the BIRTHDAY SONG from quizzicalsphinx and a pirate skull on my facebook from twowishesleft. Y'all's're awesome, guys.

Then my mom came to work and brought:

GUINNESS-FREAKING CUPCAKES (to continue the trend...obviously people know me too well) with coconut and raspberry. Oh god yes.

Going out to Hell's Kitchen (the restaurant, not the neighborhood, I already live in the neighborhood!) for dinner with my parents and liret.

Awesomely awesome, guys. Thanks everybody.

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Happy birthday! I'm glad everything is turning out great!


Arr! Those be making me want cupcakes.


Or as we say in Hebrew, yom huledet sameach!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it keeps getting better!!

eeeee for actual birthday!!!!

hope it is as good as (albeit less surprising) than various other celebrations of your birthday.

happy happy birthday!

those cupcakes are gorgeous

Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day and a great year ahead. ♥

Happy birthday sunshine!

God, I suck so badly. I've been so busy the past couple of days I didn't do anything special for you D=

Happy birthday :)

Those cupcakes look really nice.

Glad the day has been going so well - hope the dinner and night is great, too. Happy Birthday!

Guinness + chocolate =

Guiness cupcakes sound like the best idea ever.


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