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cherry colored glasses

i am wearing my glasses for the first day at work!

i have been wearing them for an hour and a half with no noticeable side effects. i do get this weird strobe effect when i move my head down to look at my keyboard instead of at my monitor and vice-versa.

they feel really dirty. i dunno; i think glasses are gonne gimme an OCD. yipes. i can just see all the dirt all over them and the icky dead skin and oil accumulating. stupid combination skin.

i also got new shoes yesterday; i got a pair of josef siebels. they are like dress shoes but really comfy, the front of them is all made out of like lycra stretchy stuff and the rest of them is leather and they have really absorbent soles. i like these shoes.

shoe shoe shoe shoe.

went to my parents again. my mom and i are trying to create the cogent argument for me not having a wedding, which is the enormous difference in the amount of people that we would have to invite. counting just our first cousins and our parents' first cousins, my total came to 218 and mikey's came to 5. then my mom realized she had completely forgotten to count my father's first cousins. so that is probably closer to 280 on my side. that's right. that's not counting godparents, close friends, distant relatives who i happen to like. nope, it's 218 first cousins. that's not even getting into how offended everyone would be if i didn't copy all the wedding traditions. i *couldn't* have wedding cookies because mikey's dad is deathly allergic to egg (wedding cookies are a very specific list of recipes for cookies that are made and brought to every family wedding by a list of cousins) and i am sure as hell not having an RC church wedding. yipes.

okay, more random chatter later. back to work now.
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