tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

Blastmob fun stuff!

Wow, so I haven't updated all week! I have a bunch of things to tell you all about, including such highlights as:

1) My brother coming home for a surprise visit!
2) liret buying me an ice cream cake!
3) My birthday drinks getting repeatedly postponed!
4) Me baking pies out of the leftover coconut from the Canary Creams I made for opaleyes' contest.


Anyway, I have some cool stuff to let you guys know about with Blastmob and a favor to ask any non-US, non-Canadian residents

So you can post to blastmob even if you don't have a mobile phone now! Anyone can post by emailing whatever you'd like to post as an attachment to the blast you want to post to. If you're a blastmob member, blastmob will automatically know it's from you.

Try it out if you have a chance! We'd especially like to see how it works if you aren't a registered user. Send an email with a picture attachment (if you like) to tease.me@blastmob.com!

For non-US, non-Canadian residents, we've been trying to get it working in a way that makes blastmob easier for you. If you have a cell phone that lets you send a text message to an email address, could you try sending a message to tease.me@blastmob.com from your phone? We want to see how it works. Let me know what happens if you have a chance to try it!

We are still adding features so anyone who has a chance to keep playing with it, it would be great!
Tags: life, work
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