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Art Post
As seems to be so often the case, actual news (of which I have much!) takes a back burner to art post.

This is by request of various people, not to be limited to quizzicalsphinx and liret. Or maybe it is. I know pachakuti didn't exactly complain, though. Either way,

Character belongs to liret

Oh, Jamesy, how we love you. Especially shirtless.
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Random, but I really like how you did the body hair - it's very effective :)

Hahahaha thanks! It's squigglies!

WOOHOO! Just what this game needs--more sexy, disfigured young hotties!

you should post art more!

man I miss that game. XD Has he gotten a hold of anybody's organs lately?

We all do!

And I think he may have! Last night he went out on a search & rescue!

Yeeeeah!! Did he rescue someone? Or, any parts of someone?

GODDARD IS LOVE. And that is awesome.


You need to put up more arty stuff, for serious.

Unsurprisingly, this made my day much better!!

Seeing a shirtless James in the morning really makes you know it's gonna be a good day.

Until you notice the bandage on your abdomen and the jar with the appendix in it sitting by your head.

Aw, I love his chinny chin chin! I miss James and his taking of peoples heads.

I miss Fanny and her taking of people's propriety.

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