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Art Post
As seems to be so often the case, actual news (of which I have much!) takes a back burner to art post.

This is by request of various people, not to be limited to quizzicalsphinx and liret. Or maybe it is. I know pachakuti didn't exactly complain, though. Either way,

Character belongs to liret

Oh, Jamesy, how we love you. Especially shirtless.
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Random, but I really like how you did the body hair - it's very effective :)

Hahahaha thanks! It's squigglies!

WOOHOO! Just what this game needs--more sexy, disfigured young hotties!

you should post art more!

man I miss that game. XD Has he gotten a hold of anybody's organs lately?

We all do!

And I think he may have! Last night he went out on a search & rescue!

Yeeeeah!! Did he rescue someone? Or, any parts of someone?

GODDARD IS LOVE. And that is awesome.

Unsurprisingly, this made my day much better!!

Seeing a shirtless James in the morning really makes you know it's gonna be a good day.

Until you notice the bandage on your abdomen and the jar with the appendix in it sitting by your head.

Aw, I love his chinny chin chin! I miss James and his taking of peoples heads.

I miss Fanny and her taking of people's propriety.

I miss Ambrose and calling him poor.

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