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Voice Post
cap, captain miss america
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(no transcription available)

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Oh how exciting! I hope everything goes well today!

Did you dress as a pirate?

Hahaha, no! I'm not doing the pirate thing! Anyway, today wasn't the real auditions. It was the day for getting bracelets!

Awww. I've never watched that gofforsaken show, but if you make it I might have to break my record.

I hope it all goes okay for you! :D

I am REALLY disturbed at how much you sound like me. Like, seriously.

However. That's ok.

HAhaha oh god, I need to hear you now!

Ah, coming closer and closer! When're the actual auditions?

Monday morning!

And Victor/Victoria FTW

Wow, good luck! I kept thinking you guys were kidding about this American Idol stuff! I'd totally have been too self-conscious to do anything like that, so GO YOU! =D Whether you make it or not, YOU CAN BE AN AMERICAN IDOL IN MY BOOK, TEA.

Btw, you and Jess sound reeeeaaaaally similar in this voice post. :P

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