tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

Bad Art for a Cause

So, basically, the situation in Jena, Louisiana is getting pitiful coverage around here which is not to say that it's getting no coverage so much as it's getting a mix of no coverage and coverage that is woefully short on details.

This means that I explained it about five times to five different people, in detail, over the course of the past two days.

And pretty much everyone has the same reaction, which is "WTF WHAT DECADE IS THIS?"

Anyway, I decided that I could do my part to help tell people what is going on.

Read my Jena, Louisiana Primer

This is just the first chapter. Yes, it is highly snarky. Yes, it is badly drawn. But I think it gets across my general feelings about the situation.
Tags: art, jena, news, real life
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