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Not really meme-ing, but.
goonies, die
I got this idea because people asked me two questions today--

One, what is a Craisin? (a sweetened, dried cranberry)
Two, how do I make strawberry-pomegranate relish? (link here)

So this is not really a new idea, but. Ask me a question and I will answer it until I get bored. Any question you can think of. I don't guarantee I will answer if I don't feel comfortable with your question, but I will try to answer to the best of my ability.

Also, Coke Zero was on sale and I wanted to taste it to see if it really tastes exactly like Coke With Sugar.

It does not. You can still taste the cancer aspartame in it. Boo.

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My mother swears that Tab/Coke Zero and Coke (and also Sprite Zero and Sprite) taste exactly the same. o_O

Ooh, do/did you have that Coke Zero with Lemon over there? That was just unbelievable. In a not-so-good way.

We have Pepsi with Lime? Which is pretty good for mixers but not drinking straight. I think we have some with lemon, but I haven't tasted them because I think it's only in diet flavors.

Okay, any question. Would you rather walk around dressed like a Disney Princess every day for a year or walk around dressed like movie!Harry Potter (scarf, glasses, robe, big fake owl on your shoulder) every day for a year.

Support your answer.

If it weren't for the fake owl, I would do Movie!Harry, and personally, I feel that the robe shouldn't be a requirement either since Movie!Harry doesn't wear it all the time.

Since that isn't an option, I would go the Disney Princesses route. Specifically Belle or Ariel in their regular clothes.
This is actually fairly practical in terms of wardrobe.

If you were on LOST island, would you be in the go-and-get-killed group or the we-don't-do-anything group?

I would be neither. I would be in the Hurley let's-make-everyone's-lives-more-comfortable group.

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