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In the interest of keeping my journal up to date:
cap, captain miss america
Yesterday, I went to my mother's. We had sushi and watched Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money together.

Private Practice was okay. It had promise, but it seemed kinda uneven and I would rather watch House or Gray's if I'm going to watch doctor shows.

Dirty Sexy Money? WAS AWESOME. It reminded me of like a completely updated version of My Man Godfrey in terms of the zany over-the-top super-rich characters, and it was a crackup a second. And the only reason we even watched it is because Billy Baldwin was one of my parents' neighbors when they lived upstate and my mom talked to him a few times about the possibility of his kids being able to go to her school and my mom really liked him and his wife. So we were like, oh, cool, he has a new show, we ought to watch it. And it was much better than I expected it would be from the ads or the title. I'm going to have to watch it again next week.

I am going to miss Ugly Betty tonight because I am going to see Obama speak! I finally got my fastpass for the rally so yay! He starts speaking at 7. The gates open at 5. So I am trying to decide when to run down there.

The day before yesterday, quizzicalsphinx killed my RPG character's adorable fake adopted child. This is a tragic tragic time for all of us. I am mostly upset because we will never get to see what it would have been like if he had married his thirteen-years-older fake-mommy/fiancee and had serious oedipal issues.

Today, I made a present for liret that is four years in the making. While I have made many, many icons for many, many people, somehow I had never remade her old, crappy James icon. This clearly means I am an insufficient friend.

Here is old, crappy James:

Here is new, hot James:

Isn't it kinda awesome when you can put two things next to each other and compare and be like, yup, I improved!?

Does anyone else want a character icon? I like making them and would be happy to make a few more. I will do original characters or characters from books, but I don't think I can manage to do realistic likenesses of real people or fake people portrayed by actors unless you don't really want them to look like the actor! Sound good? Yes? Let me know if you want one. This is because coldwriter offered free fic and pinkheartsunset offered free art, and I took both of them up on it, so I feel like I should do my part and pitch in! I don't know how many I have time to do, so I'm not going to put a limit on it-- I'm just going to do first-come, first-served.
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Re: I too liked Dirty Sexy Money.

I almost thought that, but Jeremy seems kinda... drunk and stupid.

It could be the girl who always loved the guy (I know, I should know names, but I didn't pay as much attention as I should have) in order to get him back into the family.

Re: I too liked Dirty Sexy Money.

There's only been one ep! I don't remember names either!

I think that one was Linda? I think it could be her, too. I think Jeremy only because he's kind of the least likely seeming from the first ep, but he would have reasons to, where the Paris girl wouldn't as far as we know.

Re: I too liked Dirty Sexy Money.

I think its Linda... I just figured since she's obsessive over him, and knows how much her father liked him and his father, it'd be a way to get him back.

Yeah... the Paris girl seems pretty harmless. I seriously doubt she did it.

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