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Hooray for art!

So, to start off, I really kinda cracked after I left work yesterday. Went out to my parents' and my mom bought me burgers and beer.

Then I stayed up till five in the morning roleplaying.

Then I got up and came back to the city. I went to henpecked's house for birthday dinner. I was expecting it to be a big party, but it was not, it was just the two of us and her roomie, but we had a lovely meal-- she makes a damn good burger-- and ice cream cake and we talked about exciting things like leaving your prostheses on the subway. henpecked is super fun.

Then I came back!

Anyway, acouple posts ago, I offered people drawn icons.

Here's the list of people who've asked plus characters they want:

rhikat-- Toby
evilprodigy-- Peter (drawn/scanned)
twowishesleft-- Tucker (drawn)
sorcerorsock-- Joel
murk3y-- Ivy
kiwi_magic-- Christopher
rainy_day-- Giles
nightrose83-- Violet
dancedarkly-- Larissa

Also, guys, if you can tell me character eyecolors and what text you want on your icons, this would be a help!

So, anyway, I finished the first icon. And I am quite pleased with it.

I want to show a close up so you can see his burny hair!

Yeah! So that's it for tonight! If you didn't get on the icon list and want one, please let me know who you want, and give me a description if it's an original/rpg character.
Tags: art, icons, life
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