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6 more interests, plus!

So rather than asking me to name six of her interests (because she is a scaredy-puss), quizzicalsphinx named six of MINE.

almost empty gin palaces This is a lyric from the song Beyond Belief, by Elvis Costello: "And in this almost-empty gin palace, through a two-way looking glass, you see your Alice. You know she has no sense for all your jealousy. In a sense, she still smiles very sweetly."
There was a point sometime in 2002 when I think I listened to this song 54 times in one day? Something like that.

jan svankmajer Jan Svankmajer is a Czech filmmaker who is famous for his stop-motion films, including most notably Alice, which is a stop-motion film of Alice in Wonderland, and Faust, which is a stop-motion film of...you guessed it. He uses a lot of wooden puppets, clay figures, and taxidermied animals in his movies, and they are what I like to refer to as "awesome." I am also noting an interesting theme going here with the first two interests selected, since both of them refer in some way to Alice in Wonderland. The thing you need to know about Jan Svankmajer is that he greatly influenced the films I made in college, which involved a lot of clay dolls and dead things.

my-log-has-something-to-say Margaret, aka the Log Lady, is one of my favorite characters in Twin Peaks, which I maintain is, to this day, the greatest TV show ever made, ever. The Log Lady carries a log around who speaks to her, and plays a small but pivotal role in the series as her log gives people mystical advice! When the log speaks, you listen!

shadow minions Oh, my goodness, I didn't even realize this was still in my interests. This is actually referring to the lovely lorryl's old RPG character, Everett, pictured here with his shadow minion, Lionel Deathrage. Everett was a shadow mage who could call and manipulate shadows. Lionel was his first attempt at a fully-formed and independent shadow...err, pet.

street of crocodiles Street of Crocodiles is technically a book by Bruno Schulz, a Polish-Jewish author who was murdered during the Holocaust. However, I have only ever read samplings from the original manuscript. The Brothers Quay, who are...also stop-motion animators...made a short called "Street of Crocodiles" that is one of the most beautiful stop-motion films ever made, and this was also a huge influence on me. I remember the night I saw it. It was my senior year of college, in October, the night that my friend Sarah was having a superhero party, and you had to go dressed up as a superhero. My friend Alison and I almost missed the movies because we were having fun at the party, but we decided to go, and we went dressed in our costumes from the party. I think we both walked out of it in awe. There are few movies I've seen that I can seriously say changed my life, and that is one of them.

very fancy doilies Hold on, the phone is ringing. Very fancy doilies are an exciting find at some auctions. Very fancy doilies sell at a very high asking price. Very fancy doilies come in an array of colors, and some of there are: blue, orange, cream, yellow, purple, aquamarine, eggplant, eggshell, chartreuse, and red. They are quite particularly useful when one wants to serve herrings.

And again, if anyone wants more interests to do, let me know and I will name six of yours.

So I went to Delaware for my mom's birthday this weekend. I did loads of shopping and got new shoes and bras and jeans. And more new clothes from my grandma's store. I had a pretty awesome time, great food, and got to hear my grandmother talk about how she doesn't mind gay people and some of them are very nice...again. And some comments about fat people, too.

Also, more things to tell you guys will be incoming once I gt my camera cable. I has been a bad journaler lately.

Finally, on the train coming to my parents, I overhear the following snatches of conversation:

Three girls (#1-2, two Japanese girls and #3, one white girl) get onto the train.

Girl#1: People always say I'm a bitch! I don't know why they think I'm a bitch. I mean, is it my Facebook picture? Do I look like a bitch in my picture? Maybe I should change it, but you know, everyone uses pictures like that on Facebook. I don't know why they'd think I'm a bitch from my picture! Am I a bitch?

Other Girls: Um, no.

Girl #1: If I looked like a bitch in my picture, you'd tell me, right? Wouldn't you?


A little while later...

Girl #1: Ew, what is this place?
Girl #3: Flushing?
Girl #1: Why is everything in Chinese? This isn't Chinatown, is it?
Girl #3: No, it's Queens.
Girl #1: Ugh, what are they doing? Taking over the whole city?


A little while later...

Girl #3: But I didn't want to spend my own money on that.
Girl #1: Oh, you have an allowance?
Girl #3: No, I have a job.
Girl #2: Really? Doing what?
Girl #3: Well, it's (I can't for the life of me remember, but it sounded kind of cool). But I only work weekends right now. I'm trying to get more hours but the shifts cut into my class schedule.
Girl #1: Oh, ew. Why would you waste you weekends working?

A little while later...

Girl #3: So what is [some club I forget the name of] like? I was thinking about joining.
Girl #1: Oh, you can't. It's only for Asians.
Girl #2: That's not true! It's just that most of the members are, but I'm sure anyone can--
Girl #1: Oh, no, Sweetie, that's just what we tell people so they don't accuse us of, like, discrimination. We don't let in non-Asians unless they're dating one of us.

A little while later...

Girl #1: gets up to go to the bathroom.

Girl #3: So, I really like your sister, but man, I'm glad I'm on her good side.
Girl #2: Oh, god, I wouldn't want to be on her bad side, either!

A little while later...

...this is following up on a conversation about bad plastic surgery.
Girl #1: So when did you get your nose done?
Girl #3: Me? I don't have a nose job.
Girl #1: Oh, huh. I thought all Jewish people got nose jobs. You have a really nice nose, then.
Girl #3: Thank you?

A little while later...

Girl #1: Yeah, well, like, they have apartments on campus with their own living rooms and kitchens, but the smallest ones they have are two bedrooms, but I don't want to live with anybody else, so they're actually making us pay for two people! Can you believe that?

That's all for now! More tomorrow if I remember to post!
Tags: delaware, interests, memes, overheard, real life
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