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Icons and things to ponder

I have been working, not so diligently, but enough, on the icons I offered people!

for evilprodigy, for twowishesleft, and sorcerorsock

Below is the list of requests and the order. If anyone wants to be added, please list:
Character. Describe character's facial features. If you don't have a clear picture, eyecolor, haircolor, and skin color are fine! Also tell me what the icon should say. If you don't, you are at the mercy of what I make up at the time. And they don't just have to be RP characters. I would be happy to do book characters and stuff too. Just not anyone from a movie or someone who has to look like a photo :-P

rhikat-- Toby
evilprodigy-- Peter
twowishesleft-- Tucker
sorcerorsock-- Joel
murk3y-- Ivy (drawn)
kiwi_magic-- Christopher (drawn)
rainy_day-- Giles
nightrose83-- Violet
dancedarkly-- Larissa
kikithepirate-- Herself

In other news, my cat puked massively all over my rug. I know you want to hear all about that. I spent a lot of time cleaning it once I got home. My apartment is shaping up in the cleanliness department, too! I didn't do anything else today, because I only got back this evening, but tomorrow I will get back in the groove.

And OH MY GOD there are a ton of pictures on my camera. Photopost may be incoming tomorrow. Two photoposts, possibly, since I have pics of the AI experience and pics of Coney Island. Holy shit.

But why am I on my camera? Why, you ask? To take pictures of one of those embarrassingly AWESOME dorky things I do. This one involves a roleplaying scene and one of my characters getting turned into a puppy, as evidenced here:

Puck leered at the girl. "You don't want to scream," he assured her, reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out a small, black-and-grey puppy, holding it up by the scruff as it squirmed and whimpered. "Or I'll tarry to transform him from a terrier into a troublemaker."

So then I was in this most amazing store called "Raindew" which is...it's like an old-fashioned five and dime, but with modern merchandise and modern prices? Raindew deserves its own entry. I think. ANYWAY.

I know the text says black-and-gray, but that's because of his haircolor. I was still sort of envisioning him as a black lab puppy. So that's what he is now.

I am such a dork.

Finally, scrappy_jen had a kinda awesome idea in this post. I want to do it, but the current post is long enough! Bah, I am so far behind. But I wanted to rec it to everyone else.

<3 and stuff.
Tags: icons, real life, roleplaying
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