tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue


1. Potential job stuffy tomorrow! Yay.
2. I spent the whole day trying to update THE MOST HORRIBLY DESIGNED WEBSITE EVER. SRSLY. Every page of it was a single GIANT IMAGE MAP. Who does this? I don't know if the designer was trying to force the client to keep using him every time they needed an update, or if they were just that dumb. Ugh. They didn't even make the image maps the normal way so that I could open them in Photoshop, nooo, that would be too easy. THEY WERE ALL SAVED AS .SWFs. As I don't have a current version of Flash, this was NOT POSSIBLE. WTF.
3. My cat has hiccups. He is asleep, and has hiccups.
4. He also keeps licking Marcello Puppy. So far, I have not been fast enough on the draw to get a picture of this with my camera.

My character and quizzicalsphinx's.
Tags: art, life
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