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My neighbors?
brain, psyduck
I don't know them. I have never met them. But they are totally alternating sex and Mario.

I hear like a board's worth of Mario music, then several minutes of rhythmic squeaking, then a board's worth of Mario, then squeaking, and so on. I wonder if they need consolation every time they find out the princess is in another castle.

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Hahahaha. Either that, or they're just all like "SO BABY, how 'bout I bounce your troopa shells, and you can blow my magic whistle, cuz you are welcome in my warp zone ANY time."

This post made my night worthwhile.

If it were LUIGI, I would understand better!

People got some weeeeird fetishes, hey. :D

A friend of mine once tried to convince me Toad was a phallic symbol. I often wonder if I should have reffered him to a doctor.

Still. There is a lot of sliding down tubes going on...

I think I would be more easily convinced that Toad is a drug. And there are all those mushrooms...and magic beanstalks...

A true LOL, thank you.
I can just imagine some manner of hazey betting; "Okay, if I beat Bowser *this* time, you'll let me top, right?"

At some point in my life, I am going to figure out a way to incorporate sex and Mario. Preferably Mario Cart, because I'm way better at that.

In any case, my horrid video game skills (or lack thereof) will make me look amazing in bed by comparison.

LMAO!! Hilarious.. Man, in the past, trying to get past this one freaking level of Super Mario World that I could never get past, I always felt afterwards like I needed an orgasm to cheer me up... :P

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