tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

I am meming with you all.

from ninepointfivemm and katieupsidedown

Summarize 10-20 of your fandoms in one line, then see who on your friend's list can guess each fandom. Please only guess two per comment. I am going to screen so lots of people can guess. I'll unscreen once they're guessed or if they're incorrect.

1) Hell's Bells. Abhorsen liret and bunnymcfoo

2) One man wears many disguises and does things that are much more terrible than a happy little elf. A Series of Unfortunate Events liret

3) Giant squid attacks New York City...or does it? With curry. Watchmen. liret & atomicfiction

4) Pie. Coffee. Corn. Murder. Twin Peaks finchburg & rattsu

5) Award-winning physicist plays baseball, flies an airplane, fights for civil rights, gets pregnant, and wins a beauty pageant. Quantum Leap liret

6) Has-beens conspire to murder a star. Stardust ninepointfivemm

7) Pie can be deadly. Pushing Daisies torsui

8) A writer shacks up with a dilettante who doesn't unpack, ever. Breakfast At Tiffany's. evilprodigy

9) You can kill an idea. Another idea conspires to do so. Sandman. lextaci

10) Life sucks just as much in the far future. Futurama liret and bunnymcfoo

11) Queen Elizabeth just really likes pirates. The Sea Hawk ninepointfivemm

12) In the battle between good and evil, the most terrible villain of all is the neighborhood jeweler. The Dark is Rising rhikat

13) Even evil preachers can't stand up to the wrath of old ladies. Night of the Hunter. rattsu

14) A cult sworn to protect the bloodline of Christ is taken down by a man with a mission, a chick with some bigass guns, and their friends in very high places. Preacher. liret & atomicfiction

15) To properly vanquish the forces of darkness, one must first have a proper grounding in high school trigonometry. The Time Quartet dancedarkly

16) Men shoot bears, eat fish, and have a lot of flashbacks. Lost. coldwriter

17) The messiah comes. Half live. Half die. The 4400 simply2smashing

18) A long time ago, there was incest and furries and men in uniform. Star Wars. eschatologies
Tags: meme:challenge
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