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Okay, guys. Let's try this again!
Since the four people who know who I am being want progress reports, and the rest of you still haven't guessed, we're going to see how you do when I wear my costume minus the collar and hems, which I will do tomorrow. And the shoes, which I need to go buy. I think they have ones that will work at Payless.

NOW you can guess, right? Right?

ALSO: There are still two thingies unguessed on my last meme! Come on, guys! I know you know these ones! Actually, one, you might not know. But I am very proud of you all!

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Um, whazzir face from Stardust?

I just went out and bought grey boots and fairy chain and a bigass jewel!

It will be even more awesome when liret is Tristan!

Youz a star?

Where's ur glo?

Who made teh star sad? :(

Me too!

I was her for Halloween, oh, god, probably seven years ago now, but NO ONE had any clue who she was. And in a different dress, as I was being the book character. Now I can be her and people will know on the spot! I need to go get some shimmery iridescent makeup!

:D Very cool idea. Do I read that last post correctly? That is, you made the dress?

Hah, it's amazing what films can do XD I have been trying to persuade people to read Gaiman for ever and a day, and have failed miserably. Now all of a sudden I'm hearing "Why didn't I read this before?!".

Yes! It's not done yet-- it still needs a collar, but I maded it!

YAY! gosh, it's been forever since I read that book! I forgot there was a movie until like three days ago when I realized it's being released here in about a week. XD

So, you're JK Rowling dressed up as Yvaine, celebrating at Dumbledore's Coming Out Party?

People still might not know, you know. Kind of like the year Beakis and I went as Death and Delirium and everyone thought we were supposed to be Joan Jett and Cyndi Lauper.

You are clearly in the wrong geographic location!

However, Joan Jett and Cyndi Lauper are waaay cooler so I wouldn't mind.

I met Cyndi Lauper in a steakhouse a few years ago.

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