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Halloween, Day One: Pushing Pumpkins and Smashing Daisies.

One day, the piemaker received a most unusual request-- that a pie be delivered by hand to Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In need of a vacation, he and the recently deceased Charlotte Charles, known to her friends, of whom she now has only one, as the others all still believe her to be deceased, as "Chuck,"decided to take the opportunity very seriously indeed.

Chuck, having never left her house except to go on the cruise on which she was murdered, was particularly excited.

Particularly when, upon delivery of the pie, she discovered several of her ancestors in the Tulane Library copy of "Who's Who in Espionage."

Meanwhile, the piemaker returned outside to find the tires of his delivery van mysteriously slashed. He decided to call "Eternal Mercy Cab Company," hoping that their motto, "the last cab company you'll ever call," referred to their quality and respectfulness of service and not the number of fatal accidents their drivers were directly responsible for.

Fortunately, the Eternal Mercy Cab Company seemed to be quite non-fatal.

Chuck was delighted, as dying once was quite enough for her.

Mysteriously, though, the piemaker realized after leaving the cab that they were being followed by Beauregarde's statue.

City Park was in massive restoration, with many new plantings to replace trees killed during Hurricane Katrina. Ned decided to assist in the re-planting by touching a row of dead trees, much to the dismay of a nearby anthill that suddenly and tragically lost twenty-five of its worker ants.

While in City Park, Chuck happened upon two tickets to the Voodoo Music experience that she found conveniently on the sidewalk. It seemed a highly appropriate concert venue, considering the possibility of zombies, which were really the closest thing to kin Chuck had in this curious afterlife.

Or was it convenience? Ned discovered a sign warning of counterfeit tickets.

The piemaker pondered the situation while stopping for a delicious drink of water. He decided that the worst thing that could happen was that the tickets would turn out to be fake,and there was no reason not to try to attend the festival.

But then Chuck discovered a more disturbing sign, that warned of people pushing and bumping into each other. The implications of what would happen if she and the piemaker were pushed into each other were too dreadful to bear.

She began pondering other possible means of death, such as being tied to the nearby railroad tracks, and decided that this would really be a relatively painless way to go, especially compared to the first time.

So Chuck and the piemaker went to the festival.

They took turns jumping up and down.

One at a time so they wouldn't jump into each other.

Then they went to see an excellent local band called "My Graveyard Jaw." The lead singer sounded like Tom Waits.

Ned greatly improved their ice cream sundaes by touching the cherries on top, once per person.

They were some really good ice cream sundaes.

Chuck really liked the cherries. She was reminded of the time she spent a day and a half learning to tie a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue. It had seemed useful at the time.

But perhaps the best part of the entire night was when Chuck got to see the Smashing Pumpkins. Which, much to her surprise, were not actually pumpkins, something that had never occurred to her during her sheltered years with her aunts. For the first time in her undead-life, Chuck experienced the curious state of "rocking out."

Tags: costumes, halloween, new orleans, photos, real life
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