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The End of the Halloween Adventure: Drawing Down the Stars.

Today I kicked some major ass. Major ass. But before I tell you about all the ass I kicked, I need to get up the rest of the Halloween photos.

There was one day, Tuesday, when Jess and I took a break from dressing up. Instead of dressing up, we went to drawing class.


We learned about tones. We had to tone our entire piece of paper.

First, we had to try toning a sphere.

Here is my finished drawing!

Here is Jess'!

Here is my tonal scale! The professor was way better than any professor I've ever actually taken a class with. The tonal scale thing I never did anywhere but in my set design class.

Here I am, hard at work!

On Halloween proper, we dressed up as Tristan and Yvaine.

Once upon a time, in a city called New Orleans, a young couple-- one of whom was an unsuspecting king-to-be, and one of whom was a star, ran out of Babylon candles, so they had to get money from the ATM to take the bus.

The bus was a new experience for both of they, as these don't exist in Wall, Stormhold, or in the sky.

Tristan was very excited to be on a new adventure.

Yvaine, on the other hand, thought the bus was dirty and crowded.

She threatened to throw the Bloodstone back into the sky if Tristan ever made her take the bus again.

Finally, Tristan had to tug on the fairy chain he'd used to imprison her to get her off the bus.

She was not a happy camper. But some things never change.

Tristan hoped that going to a nice restaurant would improve Yvaine's mood. So he took her to an oyster bar.

Yvaine was not impressed. "THESE things are supposed to be aphrodesiacs?" she scoffed. "They're all brown and slimey!"

So Tristan tried to cheer her up by buying her a Sazerac.

"Try it!" he said. "You'll like it."

Yvaine reluctantly but obediently tried the drink, and to her surprise, she found she quite enjoyed it. She wasn't about to let Tristan know this, however, so she griped throughout the meal and pretended that she was only drinking the Sazerac to please him.

By the time they had finished their meal, it was dark, and Bourbon Street glowed with the lights of bars, exotic strip clubs, and overpriced souvenir shops.

Which was fortunate, as in this crowd, a star barely stood out at all.

People lined the balconies of the elaborate homes.

And pirates roamed the alleys, looking for booty.

The two young people decided to approach the pirates, in hope of hearing a word of their friend, Captain Shakespeare.

Instead, they were pelted with cheap plastic beads.

And one of the pirates put a terrible curse on Yvaine, turning her face into a death's head. The curse could not be lifted until she encountered the World's Fattest Man.

And a Dementor passed on a Segway. (I interrupt this story to tell you that I kid you not. Dementor. Segway.)

The dementor sucked all the joy and happiness out of Tristan's soul.

Until he was rescued at the last moment by a Haunted History Tour Guide.

And, fortuitously enough, the World's Fattest Man and his entourage paraded down the street.

And Yvaine was transformed.

Just in time to see Victoria, of all people, parading down the street.

With several nuns and the Bishop. "Oh!" exclaimed Tristan. "She must be going to marry Humphrey after all."

Rather, it appeared that they were all evacuating to escape from the mysterious Voudoun Of Death.

Which was not the case. As even the mysterious Voudoun of Death was running wildly away from the terror of the Kazoo Orchestra.

Tristan was terrified but hurried Yvaine away to the safety of Jean Lafitte's blacksmith shop.

Where they caught their breath...

and drank the traditional drink of New Orleans: Hurricane in a Plastic Cup.

After this, their intrepid tour guide led them through a sea of dead bodies left from the yellow fever epidemic.

Yvaine stepped in someone's kidneys. Ew!

Then, suddenly, a holy light shone from the heavens! Touchdown Jesus!

Tristan was in awe.

"Hooray, we're saved!" he exclaimed.

"Thank goodness!" For the first time all night, Yvaine had a smile on her face.

Except the light wasn't actually from Jesus. It was from the people on the balconies asking Yvaine to show her tits.

Running from the perverts, Yvaine was assaulted by a zombie pirate. She tried her hardest to get away by making ugly faces.

But Tristan rescued her by finding a secret explosive cache hidden deep within the souvenir shop.

And the two of them ran to--

"Oh my!" Yvaine exclaimed. "It appears we've come to the wrong story."

They returned to their own story, where they found the mystical silver chickens imprisoned in a shop window.

"They look so sad," said Yvaine. "Please, let's free them." But alas, it was not to be.

"Wasn't that fun?" asked Tristan, as he sat down at a table at Cafe du Monde, among all the Anne Rice characters.

"Fun if you like having twenty pounds of baubles hanging around your neck," Yvaine replied. "Next time, I get to plan our vacation."

Tristan decided to focus his attention on his coffee.

Which was quite delicious.

Even Yvaine couldn't pretend not to like the beignets.

When they returned home, Tristan engaged in the time-honored tradition of throwing his beads into a tree.

And as the beads flew up into the air, they went past the tree and into the atmosphere.
"Oh, shit," said Yvaine. "If you hit my bitch of a cousin Clothilde, you get to deal with her. Not me."

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