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So so so so so so why am I so asskickin'?
I don't know!

I was pretty kickass yesterday, though.

Yesterday, I:
--Did some fucking kickass work on a blog to make it look like the website it's for and not like blogger. Oh, blogger. You kinda suck but now I have conquered you!
--Took pictures of my cat.

What you need to understand to fully appreciate these photos is that before this happened, the box of envelopes was shut, and the envelope on the floor was not on the floor. Harker OPENED THE BOX AND TOOK OUT AN ENVELOPE. Unfortunately, since I do not yet have the camera-brain-cyborg attachment, I was only able to get the immediate aftereffects.

--Maked a scarf:

Since then, I have been trying to untangle the world's worst skein of yarn EVER, doing more work, and went to see Wristcutters, mainly because quizzicalsphinx mentioned Tom Waits to me earlier today. It was pretty freaking funny.

I've seen a lot of low-key romantic comedies lately that have been pretty damn funny to boot. This weekend I saw both Dan in Real Life and Lars and the Real Girl, both of which were utterly enjoyable. There were a couple moments in Lars and the Real Girl where I literally could. not. stop. laughing.

I also saw Martian Child, which is probably at the bottom of my list out of those movies. It was expectedly schmaltzy but I like John Cusack, so whatever. I enjoyed it but I wouldn't say expect anything new from it, and the ending reminded me a little too much of Kindergarten Cop. When you're cribbing off Kindergarten Cop, you know you're having trouble. I don't know why John Cusack is making all these movies about people with dead relations and children. In 1408, it was dead children. Huh.

Sooo...I went to Burger King on the way back from the movies. This is because on the way TO the movies, I see a sign outside for "Cheesy Tots."

I think to myself, "These things, they are both cheese and tater tots, two of the world's greatest foods. But they are from Burger King. They will either be irrepressibly awful or irrepressibly delicious."

So on the way back from the movies, I buy the 6 pc. Cheesy Tots for $1.19.

(PS I am testing posting from Picasa. I've never done it before!)

They were, in actuality, quite delicious and I was pleased with the outcome. For anyone who likes potatoes, cheese, and fried things, these are possibly an essential part of a balanced diet.

Also, please to note the number of napkins they put in the bag for me to eat my SIX CHEESYTOTS:

Yes, that is eight napkins. Count: more napkins than cheesytots? Sadly the napkins were nowhere near as delicious.

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I live by Hermosa Beach, where they placed the surfing part of the film... it really does look quite a bit like that. And the post office really is the post office!

Surfing part of what? I don't remember any surfing scenes in any of the movies I saw! Nor do I remember a post office.

OH as soon as I said that I realized you meant 1408. I thought it was one of the movies I saw this weekend. I was like dude, did I forget parts that quickly?

You made blogger not look terrible? I honestly couldn't figure out how. I gave up trying to get anything to change color or rearrange itself and just made a page-spanning background to delineate the features a bit. Also, I'm thoroughly ticked that I can't reply to other people's comments.

Also, cheesytots look terrifying. I remember I was addicted to BK's mozzarella sticks for about a month one time, and I wish that never happened.

I'm a little afraid of trying the BK mozzarella sticks. Cheesytots were good though.

Although I will not be eating them regularly, mind.

If you take the "simple" template for Blogger (one of the classic templates), you can squish the entire blog features/functionality into any layout you want. You just add header and footer container code and your own css.


My cat made an unimpressed sort of noise on being informed of Mr Harker's achievements, but I suspect it is jealousy (his greatest achievement to date being the sneaky but comparatively simple infiltration of a plastic bag... and subsequent impersonation of dirty washing). I am impressed, at any rate.


Cute, until you factor in the possibility that knowing my cat, he's sending secret documents to a Basque Separatist splinter cell.

Kitty is obviously practicing to take over the world. I am afraid. Very afraid.

Yay for movie reviews! I was planning on seeing those, so it's good to know.

I am curious about whatever this cheesy nugget things are.

Kitty! :D

Oh, good! I thought Wristcutters and Lars & the Real Girl were the best of them, followed by Dan in Real Life and then Martian Child. They were all decent though and If you like Steve Carell or John Cusack, those two get additional points.

Oh and also! The cheesytots? They are TATER TOTS stuffed with CHEESE. I did not know such an amazing thing existed in nature.

I am enjoying the cat in the box top

The cat is enjoying the box top. Srsly. He keeps sitting in it!

This isn't entirely relevant, but why don't we get cheesytots in England? And what's a tatertot? :( America seems to get so much interesting sounding food. And, whilst we're on the topic, what are grasshopper pie and angel food cake?
Your cat is so cute by the way! Cats rule. Well done on the kickage of serious ass.
Be Happy!

Oh okay!

Tater tots are basically potatoes cut up into little teeny pieces, then squished together into balls and deep fried or baked. They're super yum. You can make them yourself at home with a food processor but here in the states they come frozen in bags like fries.


Grasshopper pie is a chocolate-mint pie, either made from ice cream, cream cheese, or a marshmallow mixture.

And angel food cake is just a very light, fluffy kind of sponge cake that is all white and pretty much just tastes like sweet white fluff. Angel food cake is really easy to make yourself as long as you can get a bundt pan!


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