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Let there be light!
audrey, palms
But not Light, because the Dark conquers all. Just sayin'.

So I bought myself a really badass stepladder today. It is made of this lightweight aluminum alloy shit that is amazing and I can carry it around-- carried it up three flights of stairs-- in one hand despite the fact that it gets me up three feet off the ground.

And with this, I changed all the lightbulbs in my front hall, which was getting to be long, dark and creepy.

As far as LJ is concerned, I'm getting bored with my icons and need new ones. Any suggestions? Suggestions for ones I should look at, or ones I should make. Either way.

As far as mail is concerned, for those of you who missed it, Holiday Greeting Post 2007 is here.

There are things in the mail for magicalcow, ninepointfivemm, and crazy_megan. Just so you know that if a mysterious package comes, it's anthrax from me. Everyone else will get cards closer to Christmas. Also, I am working on a small and very odd project inspired by crazy_megan, but you guys will all have to wait to see what it is.

In other news, quizzicalsphinx draws my characters hot and so does misshatter. Shawn drew these babies a while ago and I heart them and I figure as long as I'm pointing to Lynette's I should mention hers too.

In other other news, I had a dream a couple nights ago that I wanted to talk about. More thoughts to follow, probably.

Anyway, the dream all started with me going to visit a girl I went to high school with, whom I didn't particularly like and who kind of had a reputation as a hobag who stole people's boyfriends. Why I was going to visit her is beyond me, but there I was, a-visitin'! Hey!

So get this: she lives in an apartment that is totally like a college dorm room-- one big room, but it had kitchenette, and a big-screen tv with like, every video game ever, and two twin beds. And I'm admiring her video games and she's like, yeah, those are Adam's. Adam is apparently her boyfriend or husband or something. She starts bitching about how all he ever does is watch movies and play video games.

And as she's saying that, he walks in. He's not bad looking, but not really my type; he's fairly tan and fit, especially for someone who likes sitting inside playing video games all the time, has curly honey-brown hair and hazel eyes and came in with a friend and a tennis bag-- so I don't think the whole playing video games all the time was true.

And he was wearing an Eraserhead tee-shirt. And I went, guh.

And he catches the end about the video games and he says, "But you were doing your nails. For fifteen hours."

And she gives him this look, and introduces us, and then she says she wasn't. And he says, "you were doing them for as long as I was playing video games, so if you keep telling everyone I play video games for fifteen hours a day, that's how long you do your nails for."

Meanwhile, I decided that since when I knew her, she was a cheating bitch, it was totally acceptable for me to steal him from her. But around then, I woke up.

Does anyone know this guy? I don't mind stealing him from his bitchy girlfriend, either.

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A) Those pictures are super good.

B) That game looks super fun.

C) Eraserhead, likewise, looks super awesome, though I have never heard of it before.

A) This game? Seriously, I don't think there's a single player who is a bad artist. Everyone is at least above average. It's insane.

B) It is super fun. If you still RP, poke about a bit! We actually have a couple DotG characters over there-- Jamilah and Orrie are both there!

C) Eraserhead IS awesome. If you like weird creepy arty films, you should see it! They probably have it at netflix and at more artsy type video stores.

Seriously, I don't think there's a single player who is a bad artist. Everyone is at least above average.

Aha, hi, let me reintroduce myself and my awful stick-figures to you.

It's okay that you forgot. From the early bits of your post, it looks as though you've got enough to worry about with that serious case of denial that you've got going on. I realise that DIR probably does look like Light propaganda, but it's really a case of the winners getting to write history. You don't hear any of the Dark complaining... Oh, but that's probably because they got vanquished.

(but eeee, for wonderful pictures!)

I actually recalled your stick figures (and Mere's collages) as I was writing this reply, but I decided that they counted as ground breaking modern art.

You don't hear any of the Dark complaining because it's a lie. And they like to keep you complacent.

Yes, that's what it is. Keeping the Light complacent. Nothing to do with having been beaten out of Time by prepubescents.

This all makes me miss Mitothin and his singing!

It's all right. It's okay. And you may look the other way. We can try to understand the New York Times effect on man.

I need a Rider icon for this :-(

Well, you can talk about how the Dark are letting the Light fall into a false sense of security and become "complacent", but at the end of the day, they're only really a credible force twelve days out of the year. And obviously, I use the term 'credible' very loosely.

And yay for more icons ideas. A Rider icon would be the best thing ever.

I know. But I kind of want a Rider who isn't from the movie. Eccleston was awesome but the movie sucked.

Pfft, the Rider's a man on a horse, there are plenty of those. I'm more interested in the accompaniment of snarky comments.

I'm more interested in getting him off the horse.

... guh. okay. he wins. The Light are not that hot.

(am I allowed to post an appreciative opinion of him?? especially because my character may have got him off the horse?)

What was the horse called? Something like Cordelia?

Are you serious??lol

WHat have I inspired though? This makes me very curious....

lol you said hobag whereas I've been using slutbag. XD

Well, they're different! A hobag expects recompense!

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