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My Wish List

I know, I know I haven't updated in, like, a week, but I've been kinda foggy-brained ill.

Anyway, this is primarily for the hogwarts_elite crowd and our holiday gift exchance, but if anyone else wants to give me something, I ain't gonna complain!

List is divided by virtual presents (for those of you online who don't want to mail things) and real presents (for RL friends and people wanting to send mail. If you want to send mail, just let me know and I'll give you an address). More than ten things, but I'd rather make sure I have things on here than anyone would be willing/able to get if they want to!

--A Twin-Peaks-related desktop that is still easy to see my icons on.
--A rename token.
--Fanarts! Mainly of Erins charries, but I know most of you don't know them. Sooo other fanarts from things I like are good too! But I can give descriptions and links to people if they want to do this!
--Twin Peaks icons
--Pushing Daisies icons
--A pretty userinfo, preferably Twin Peaksy but Snickety or Pushing-Daisiesy or just with cool stock you think I'd like is awesome too.
--Lemony Snicket icons (text ones, please)
--Pretty pictures of late 19th-early 20th century art
--Easy crochet patterns
--Easy dress patterns
--Links to your favorite art tutorials
--Links to yummy Photoshop brushes
--.mp3s of music you like from post-2001
--Any Adobe CS products you have an additional installation for
--Same for Poser
--Same for any art software you would recommend
--Amazon giftcards
--A Pro Flickr account
--Fictional letters to fictional characters that I can reply to.
--Introduce me to a friend on your flist whom you think I would like!

--DVDs of your favorite movies. I am a terrible reader and will doubtful read recommended books even if you give them to me. But I watch movies voraciously.
--The above goes for trade paperbacks of comic books as well.
--Art supplies: any kinds.
--Yarn. Even the leftover extra skeins you bought from previous projects. I will find ways to use them!
--Fabric scraps.
--Rag dolls or other dolls that I can make clothes for.
--Ancient cookbooks
--Anybody have a used but decent tablet they're getting rid of?
--CDs of music you like from post-2001
--Pretty stationery
--Odd bits of jewelry or clothing that are good for costuming. Especially pirate costuming.
--Cool costumey makeup
--Small batch beer, rum, or bourbon
--Green, mint, jasmine, lavender, or rose teas. Bagged, not loose.
--Weirdass hair products.
--Nice socks

Unrealistic Crap:
--A new tablet
--A new iBook
--A new Invision license
--A Canon digital anything
--Clothes from Moresca
--A new leather biker jacket, brown leather, like my worn out DKNY one.
--Leather boots, women's size 8.5, all kinds.

I think that's all. <3 you all!
Tags: holidays, wish list
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