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My Food! I show you it!

Jess ate all the pies.

But there is leftovers of everything else if anyone wants them!

Today we went shopping! My mother bought a Dumbledore hat to wear when kids get sent to the principal's office and a slingshot howler monkey toy. Also for her office. I bought lots of books and a gold dress cut like Marilyn Monroe's Seven Year Itch dress.

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That all looks awesome! I've been mooching off of people's leftovers today but corn bread and apple pie can't compare. Can I live vicariously through your Christmas dinner too?

Unfortunately, I think we're going to a restaurant this Christmas because we're visiting my brother in Minneapolis. But you are still vicariously welcome!

I only ate some of all the pies. Your grandfather ate the rest, which is why he is totally my new role model.

You have excellent taste in role models.

You know what else has an excellent taste?


That's too funny - We had pomegranate martinis too! (Well my mom and I did)

They were yum! Surprisingly, we made them with gin, and then we made one with vodka for my cousin because he's not a gin fan, and the vodka one was much better.

Oh my God. Can you cater for my mom's party? Because none of the caterers I've seen so far are that good.

If this were at all economically feasible, I would so love to.

Damn! That is too much food to look at when waking up in the morning!

Really. SO yummy. Now I want a turkey. Now I want a turkey so bad! I've never had one and it looks soo delicious. Are they as huge as everyone tells me they are?

This reminds me of our christmas dinners at home.

Hell, I actually am going to bring my camera back home and take pictures of it now! So I can share the awesome.

We do all our eating at christmas, November is just for getting depressed over here in sweden...

I think this is why we have Thanksgiving, to keep us from killing ourselves before Christmas.

Turkeys are pretty big. You can get small ones that are @ 12 lbs but this one was about 20 and you can easily get them up to 25 just buying them from the grocer's case. If you ever come to New York, we'll have turkey! They ARE delicious if you buy it fresh and know how to cook it right, a lot of people just smother them in gravy because unless you know what you're doing, they come out very dry and bland. They take about four hours in the oven.

Is that a pretty traditional Thanksgiving food fest? I never thought about the fact that America probably has different traditional foodstuffs. Course, I knew the turkey.

That is a very fancy version of a traditional Thanksgiving.

The classic Thanksgiving dinner is this:

Mashed Potatoes
Mashed or Baked Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows (we find these too sweet).
Squash (we had this, but my mom made it and it burned so I didn't photograph it)
Vegetables (usually peas, green beens, brussels sprouts, carrots, or corn)
Cranberry Sauce (there's a gelled kind that comes in a can that I love and then most people have a fresh kind like ours, too)
And then the PIE

But everyone does it a little bit differently. That's the "classic" feast that you'll see TV families having and you'll see advertised in stores.

I want all your food except the crustinis. Omfg. It looks amaaaazing.

Do you not like liver? You would still like the crostini. Because they were the best liver I've ever eaten. They are full of onions and Madeira.

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