tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

Tea's Holiday Cheer!

Hey, guys. So I was thinking, I know lots of people from lots of different places on LJ, and some of you know each other and some of you don't.

And a lot of the communities I'm in do Secret Santa type holiday exchanges, but nobody really does them in their personal journals. So this year, I thought I would run one for all my friends, regardless of where I know them from, as a sort of holiday gift to everybody. Everyone will get a nifty gift* from someone they may not even know! Or someone they do know! And it will be fun!

All you need to do to be involved is sign up. You do not even need to be on my friends' list. So, guys, if you want to tell your other friends to sign up, please go ahead and pimp! Just let me know where you found out about this if you are not on my friends list!

Deadline to sign up is December 5

To sign up, copy and paste the info from the little boxy below. Everything will be screened.

I will get assignments out sometime next week! The deadline to get your gifts in will be a month from whenever I get them out!

*Notes: I am limiting this to free, internet-only gifts so no one must exchange an address. Fic, art, icons, other graphics, rec lists, and things like that are good!
Tags: christmas, gift exchange, holidays
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