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General Rambling
cap, captain miss america
To start, some random pimpage:

1) libraholics is a community started by my friends cacophonesque and skirmish_of_wit.  It's for book discussions and such, and it is currently very small.  I recommend it to anyone looking for a new community to join, especially if you have diverse or unique interests in books and like talking about the books you read.

2)  Please sign up for my Gift Exchange.  I will be handing out assignments by the end of the week.  Right now I have enough people to do it nicely, but it would be even better with even more!

And a question:

My father wants books for Christmas.  Only thing is, I'm not sure what to give him.  He wants mysteries or historical fiction, better if it's both.  He's a big fan of The Da Vinci Code, and he likes the Hannibal Lecter books, too.  All of them.  Even the wretched one from last year.  He also likes the Molly Murphy mysteries by Rhys Bowen, Patricia Cornwell, and he liked The Rule of Four. 
Now,  my weekend:

Friday, I went out to Long Island to see my parents.  It was nice, we went to the Grand Old Long Island Steakhouse, Bryant & Cooper & my mother and I shared the Porterhouse. 

Sharing the Porterhouse is something I don't do.  The Porterhouse, for those of you who aren't steakhouse afficionados, is a cut of steak that gives you a little bit of everything and is huge and intended to be shared by at least two people.  But usually, it falls to my mother and my brother to share the Porterhouse, and I get the Filet on my own.  This is the first time we've been to Bryant & Cooper since my brother's been in Minnesota, and the first time I've been there since my parents moved away from Long Island.  In fact, I remember the last time I was there.  It was in Fall, 2003, and I passed out in the restaurant.  They revived me with cranberry juice. 

This time was much more pleasant. 

Then, on Saturday, we went to the mall in Danbury, Connecticut.  This is an hour and a half away, and while there are many nice malls on Long Island, my parents still prefer Danbury for the simple fact that they don't have to put up with Long Islanders.  We shopped quite a bit, but it mostly involved my mother buying things for me, although I did find a couple things for her. 

While shopping, we were in Bath & Body Works to spend a $30 store credit.  My mother wanted to spend it on stocking stuffers for me so she told me to just hang out and wait for her.  So I went to play with the makeup at the makeup counter.  I don't buy makeup frequently, but they have a very nice try-out counter.  There were also several teenaged girls playing with the makeup who obviously weren't buying anything at all.   I tried on one eyeshadow, and a staffmember on the floor comes up to me. 

She: "What colors can I get you?"
Me: "Oh, nothing right now, thank you, I'm just trying things out."
She: "Can I make you some recommendations for winter colors?"
Me: "No, thank you, I'm just looking around for now."
She: "So you don't want to buy anything?"
Me: "Not at the moment?"
She: "Well, this counter is for paying customers."

She did not do this to any of the teenagers and left them trying on a gazillion pounds of makeup.  I was very frustrated.  If my mother hadn't been paying with a store credit, I would have walked out.

Then, on Sunday, I went out with cacophonesque.  I think we must have the punniest dates ever, because, as she put it in her journal, she gets to have tea with Tea and I get to have a date with Destiny.  So it is very exciting.  We sat and drank many pots of tea and did crafty things and discussed many things and then went to the store, where I bought a new set of my old tarot cards, so that I can have a nice tangible set and not be using online readers anymore.  Yay. 

I came back home, then.

Yesterday, I saw Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.  Guys, this movie was surprisingly good considering the bad reviews it's gotten.  I don't know how many people have seen it because it looks like a kiddie movie and it essentially is and parts of it are quite trite and predictable in the way kiddie movies are but the art direction very much had the feeling of Tim Burton or Lemony Snicket or Jean-Pierre Jeunet on happy pills, or a kind of Pushing Daisies feel to it.  The mise-en-scene freaking rocked and I want a Congreve Cube.  I think I'll make one. 

I think that's all for the moment.  I know I wanted to say more, but I badly need to go to bed
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Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium looks super cute and fun and colorful! And has some actors I really adore (Michael Bluth FTW)! No one seems to want to go and see it with me though. :(

Do you think your dad would like Michael Crichton?

I mostly see movies by myself, which cuts down on the problem of finding people to see them with :-P

It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen but it showed a lot of promise and there were a couple parts I really liked.

Has he read Angels and Demons? I preferred it to the Da Vinci Code, it's a much more involved mystery plot.

Umm, I love historical fiction as well, but depending on what era in history he likes to read, my recc's may not be so applicable since I mostly read Civil War.

One of my most recent reads was Fire Bell in the Night by Geoffery Edwards (who just so happens to be bubonicplague's brother) and I loved it. It's set in antebellum 1850's south, and definitely has elements of a mystery. It's rich and gripping, and that from someone who really strays away from the mystery genre.

Also, Lincoln's Dreams by Connie Willis remains one of my favorite books. It's historical fiction with a touch of mystery, but it's definitely got more of a paranormal, metaphysical subtext.

I've got more, but I think I'm rambling.

Aww you recced my brother's book! Anyway, Tea, if you'd like a signed copy for your dad (no, you don't have to pay for it) just send me an email to hedgie_yozh@yahoo.com with your address and what you would like written in it. It does sound like the sort of book your dad might like.

Of course I did, it's ze perfect match. Plus I lurved it.

Oh my god, you kick ass. Seriously. I will email you!

I apologize on behalf of the store-workpeople of my state. I've never had anyone at a Bath & Body works be rude to me, if I get pointed looks it's at Sephora or the Mac store.

I want to have a date with Tea AND Destiny! It will be double punny excitement.

I just don't go in Sephora or Mac, so this is usually not an issue. But yeah, it was...obnoxious.

There is a Mac here that lures me with the pretty colors, but the counter girls give me the "You're not even wearing foundation, gtfo" look.

I think you should email the store that account of your visit. Because it's not like specifically complaining that could get a person fired or anything, but they might tell the employees to be a bit nicer.

Oooh! Look at me! I am a mysterious and anonymous commenter and you can't guess who I am!

I can't! Not even with the IP address that matches your other posts, you mysterious anonymous person!

...how dorky is it that I saw libraholics and my first thought was "maybe I could join, but I'm a Taurus"? *fails*

Also, WTF with that B&B employee! For all she knew, you were planning on coming back later and buying half the store. Or had planned to shop there at some point in the future, or had shopped there in the past, and...well...anything! You have the willpower of a saint if you didn't either tell her off or complain to corporate and\or her manager.


It wasn't so much willpower as it was boredom. She wasn't even an amusing obnoxious employee.

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova fits both of those, and I enjoyed it hella more than the Da Vinci Code. It's essentially about Vlad Tepes and the mythology that sprung up around him.

The store worker was blatantly upset that you were prettier than her.

Your dad has awesome taste in books! I also enjoy historical fiction and NONE OF THE HANNIBAL LECTER BOOKS WERE WRETCHED, ESPECIALLY NOT HANNIBAL RISING, SO YOU JUST TAKE IT BACK! :-)

One book that was by no means FABULOUS but I enjoyed reading nonetheless was The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry. It's one of those spy mystery types, but it involves discovering this big cover-up involving the Romanov dynasty, and of course, a remaining heir. If your dad is a Russian history buff, he probably won't like it, but if he's only semi-knowledgable about it like me, he might!

And has he read Devil in the White City yet? That's another excellent one. It's actually not fiction at all, but reads just like it is!

Ooh, and I just read Into the Wild, which is the book that the movie which just came out was based off of, and I LOVED it. It's the biography of Christopher McCandless, who was a wealthy ivy league boy who gave away his savings and lived on the road for a few years, eventually trying to live off the land in Alaska, where he ended up starving to death. Not fiction, but reads like it, and I really loved the things that it said about the human psyche and need for adventure.

Edited at 2007-12-05 01:57 pm (UTC)

I'd love to have my own Counting Mutant!

Take a look at Raymond Khoury's books for your dad: The Last Templar or The Sanctuary.

One day, your boyfriend will say "so I had Tea, and then in the morning I met Destiny."

And what a total wanker of a shop person.

Omg! What a bitch! I can't believe the woman at B&BW said that to you! It's not as if you were coming in to give yourself a makeover. Yeah you might not have been looking to buy something right at that moment, but clearly the stuff is there so you can try it out and then go "Oooh. I do like this." Fuck, how are you supposed to know if it's any good unless you give it a go?! Jesus, they're fucking free samples to tempt you to buy. She was rude AND a bad business woman. I'd have reported her to her manager. Srsly. The people at other makeup chains are dying for you to try out their stuff in hopes that you won't be able to turn it down once you've tried it (this happens to me a lot). I am just baffled by this woman.

Also- The B&BW sales associates at the Savannah store are always wonderfully helpful w/o being pushy. I keep meaning to get their store number so I can call into corporate and say how awesome they are. I always drop so much money in there, due in part to the people who work there.

I just read a really good mystery book a few months ago, and of course I'm blanking on the name. I've emailed my dad to ask, as I borrowed it from him.

That date pun is absolutely fantastic. I heard the Tea with tea bit on her journal, but hadn't considered the fact that you had a date with Destiny! Ha! What fun. :D

I'm going to have to see that movie! Perhaps I can see it with Claire when she comes down in a few weeks. If she's not seen it already. :-\

Got it! It's Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruis Zafon.

I want tea with Tea and a date with Destiny. No fair. Sometime you must come to DC, or I must go to New York.

How 'bout The Dante Club? I personally detest books of this nature, but I have recollections of my grandmother telling me about it in conjunction with The Rule of Four. Anyway, it's got serial killers in it. And stuff.

Oooh, I'm pretty sure he's read The Dante Club.

Patrica Cornwell has a new book out! J A Jance is a good mystery writer- she has a Seattle set series and an Arizonian one as well.

So, I should see Mr Magorium? I was wondering...

Jeunet on Happy Pills. LAWL.

Mr. Magoriam's Wonder Emporium is Burton-esque? Sounds interesting, but I'll probably wait and see what the real McCoy does with Sweeney Todd. That looks like it might be promising...


In art direction, yes, surprisingly so.

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