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cap, captain miss america
I went to see The Golden Compass, and this is kind of a warning for everyone who wants to see it, because while I thought it was perfectly decent, this is the first time I've felt this way since The Little Mermaid came out when I was, what?  Eleven?


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I would be more outraged if I hadn't read earlier they're omitting the last few chapters for the next movie. Apparently, ending it this way makes the best possible ending, and leaving the final chapters for the next movie makes the best beginning.
So how did it end? When Iorek regains his throne?

No, it ends with Lyra and Roger on Lee's airship being happy. The audience started to cheer and I was like, oh, wait till they see the next scene...but the next scene never came.

I could tell that's what they're doing, but I disagree completely. It gives it a happy ending, not the best one possible, and undoes one of the main messages of the story, which is that just because there are two sides in a battle doesn't mean one is right and one is wrong-- and, from a religious understanding, gives the Christians who are incensed over this movie a real reason to be incensed-- because it only shows the "religious" characters in a poor light and not the "heretical" ones as well, like the book does.

Wait... a happy ending? What the hell. One of the things that I like about it is how miserably it ends. ;_;

I know! And it's the one standing argument for it as a book that is not solely against the Catholic Church but against all extremist thinking-- that Science can be just as wrong in the wrong hands as Faith.


I seem to remember the tragic death of a child being the end of that book. o_O

Also, I am planning to see it soon, but I'd like to know... I was told that I might want to start on the Subtle Knife before seeing it as apparently they threw some of the second book in? Do I need to get reading that pronto?

And I would love to see an animated movie of the Little Mermaid with the original ending.

Not really, the only thing they mention from the Subtle Knife is something that you learn at the end of TGC, they just throw it in earlier.

To tell the truth, I love the first book and was disappointed with the second and third ones-- Pullman gets progressively more anti-religious and more obviously politically driven the further into the series you get, and while I certainly don't have a problem with someone writing a book based on their values, it gets overtly preachy which annoys me. The books also start ripping plot off of Susan Cooper and kind of resorting to formulaic drivel in between the stuff he appropriates, so I don't like them nearly as much. The Subtle Knife is okay if you don't know the book he's stealing shit from, The Amber Spyglass just devolves into bad writing.

Oh, but it's a kids' movie, Tea. It can't be sad! :p

I only found out about a month ago that the end of The Little Mermaid - which I'd never seen - was like that, actually. Gave me a bit of a fright.

I got so mad, I wrote an alternate ending with a new song and sent it to Disney.

WHA?! Okay, definitely not seeing it now. >.< Lamerz. Will definitely make plans to see 'Juno' instead (I already was, but y'know).

Yeah, I think Juno is for tomorrow! I really want to see it!

Yeah, if i hadn't read beforehand that they were ending it 3 chapters early, I... would've been severely disappointed. The end of the book was such a great shock, and leaves you dying to know what happens. But it's okay, *SIGHHHH*, I guess they need their Hollywood endings, like they did with "Series of Unfortunate Events". At least they set up for it, with the "I'll bring him something he needs."

I thought aSoUE was a better ending than this, considering that they were cobbling together three books and the series hadn't even been finished yet. I don't think they did a very good job of it, because not a single person in that theater who doesn't know the story thought that was ominous at all. And while I don't think aSoUE's ending ruined the spirit of the stories, this kind of...missed the entire message of the books, which is that fanatical beliefs are dangerous no matter which side is being fanatical.

So, today I fell over and injured myself and broke my perfectly beautiful and wonderful phone....


I just got back from seeing Golden Compass and was pretty disapointed in it. It was very shiny and all, but I just couldn't get into it. It didn't feel like there was any build up, just Oh, Lyra's in alterna-London, now she's with the Gyptians, now they're up north is it almost over yet? No? Okay then. Ice bears, ice bridge, evil experimental place, the exciting end battle! And now we set up for the next movie. The end!

(I actually found the happy ending pretty sad, because there they are all hopeful and thinking that where they're going is a good idea, and oooh, kids, you oughta just turn that airship around.)

At least Serafina Pekala was badass.

Except Eva Green didn't get nearly enough screentime. It reminded me of the first Harry Potter movie, where they were in such a rush to cover all the main points that they didn't really get around to any of the nuances.

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