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Shameless Self-Promotion
cap, captain miss america
So, as most of you know, I am a big movie geek. Today, I was talking to cacophonesque about how I want there to be a movie comm for getting and sharing recs and such that isn't super snobby but where people actually are interested in having real discussions about movies. And she suggested starting a sister community to libraholics. So now we have cineholics.

There is an application, but it only requires that you list ten movies. We will be asking you questions about the movies you pick, but we're not looking for pretentious film-school answers, just people who are eager and excited and not just interested in squeeing over trailers.

So, please join! If you have questions about joining, please let me know!
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I am definitely interested, but I am shit at communities. :/

It's okay! If you apply and then don't really participate it's not going to hurt anybody's feelings!

Do "Men In Back", "The XXX Files", "Star Whores", and "Indiana's Bone and the Nipple of Doom" count as movies?

That depends, were they theatrical release or straight to video?

Do the little booths where you have to keep putting 50 cents in the projector every few minutes count as theatrical release?

Well, hmm, were they on DVD or actual film, and did you have to bring your own tissues?

I would join, but it's a well known fact that I hardly ever see movies. I really do LOVE seeing them, but for some reason I rarely do. For instance, I finally got around to watching The Departed yesterday, which I freaking OWN. I'd just end up getting spoiled a lot and never be able to really participate, sadly.

I'm really excited about this movie comm! It seems like a lot of fun. The other movie community I'm in is kind of a dud.

I hope this one is not a dud! I'm very excited about it, too.

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