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...We tried to make Darren, but he eated himself.

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I just saw you on TV! You're on the promo for the upcoming season of American Idol!

The one HERE? My friend lorryl saw it, but it was in Canada and I haven't seen me on here at all!

It was US for sure. I'm fairly certain our Fox network runs through New York--that's the news that we get.

I'm trying to find it! Eeek!

Have you tried browsing the American Idol website? I have a crappy internet connection at home, so I'm not sure, but I imagine that they might have videos of their commericals online. If not them, then the network might have it.

idolbloglive has all the ads up! I just can't find myself in any of them!

Oh crap! The one I saw was like "Questionable Key?" Clip of guy singing off-key "Check... Ridiculous Vibrato?" Girl singing a really horrible vibrato "Check... Snarky judges?" Then your clip.
If that helps you locate it at all.

They are apparently MISSING one!

Such brightly-coloured icing, and no smeary messy 'I-stuck-my-finger-in-this-and-now-everything-is-reeeeeed' biscuits? I think you are my biscuit-baking hero. They're really cute!

Hahahaha, and here I was embarrassed that they came out so messy. It's my first time doing them!

Trust me, they can be messier! *laughs* Mind, that's me... but still. Little peoples!

Yaaay! Cookies! I need to make some like that, but I don't have any Christmas cookie cutters. Perhaps I'll get some.

Not as pretty as yours, but yes! Cookies!

Such adorable cookies!

Now I almost want to frost Marcello! But we don't have that fancy frosting here...

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