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Mmmm, donuts...
cap, captain miss america
I just went to Ben & Jerry's and got a free baby cup of the Simpsons ice cream. It was supposed to take like beer & donuts. Instead, it tasted like gingerbread.

In bad news, I think I lost my camera. Shit.

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Why would one want ice cream to taste like beer and donuts?

I've had beer ice cream before and it is normally delicious! I wasn't sure about the donuts, but they are giving it out for charity (you just donate a couple bucks) and I was curious. It was more the curiosity than the potential for delicious in this case, I think. It was delicious, just not in a beer and donuts sense.

Hmm, sounds curious. I can't imagine beer+milk product, but what the hell, I have had stranger things mixed with alcohol. Though this got me thinking that Bailey's would be really yummy in ice cream, until I realized that Bailey's essentially just tastes like ice cream anyway, so might as well skip it.

Haagen-Dazs makes a Bailey's flavor! I've had it; it's yummy.

Beer-flavored ice cream is very common in Boston; I used to get it literally everywhere-- there's Guinness ice cream and Sam Adams ice cream, especially. It tastes like a malted milk ball, mostly!

Why am I not shocked that is common in Boston? One would think it would be in Chicago as well, but the only shit people drink out here is Old Milwaukee. I can see Guinness as being much tastier in ice cream.

Guinness ice cream = sweet and delicious. Actually, one of my dad's restaurants serves a frozen Irish Car Bomb-- which is basically a car bomb turned into a milkshake. That, too, is sweet and delicious.

At least the flavor was something most consider pleasant.

Just imagine if it ended up tasting like Beer and Clamato (which seems to be all the rage out here lately) *shivers*



Well, to be fair, I think it's more like Bloody Mary mix instead of Clamato, but I think they call it Clamato or something... IT IS STILL GROSS EITHER WAY.

Ew. It's like, hey, let's get drunk and have the hangover remedy at the same time!

...they have Simpson's ice cream???

It's because its getting you drunk on doughnuts

I've never had beer icecream before, or doughnut icecream either, come to that. Hmmm...peculiar.
Pity about your camera, I hope you find it. Do you mean lost as in stolen or lost as in misplaced around the house?

Man, I wish we had a Ben & Jerry's somewhere within 100 miles. D:

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