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On the Exquisiteness of Pain
audrey, palms
You know how you have a mental (or at least I have a mental) list of things you're saving up to post to LJ when you have time to post to LJ?

And then, in spite of everything else, when you finally have time, it's because of something else?

Why, oh why was I up at 8 this morning after going to bed at 4:30?

Because, I say, my tooth.

It is throbbing like a motherfucker without stopping, and I seem to have developed a fever, although without a thermometer, it's anyone's guess. I feel faintly delirious and the left side of my mouth feels like a hippopotamus came in and swapped in the night.

This is the wisdom tooth in the back of my mouth. It's been sore for months now, and months ago I expressed interest in seeing a doctor to have it removed. I would have seen a doctor to have it removed, except that my mother kindly suggested that she would find a doctor on Long Island to remove it so that I would have someone to drive me to and from the doctor to take care of it, as anaesthesia is not something to be undertaken lightly or when one is operating on one's own propulsion. I agreed and have asked her several times since if she's managed to find someone. At the moment, I would simply find someone myself except for the fact that I am not half as coherent as I appear on LJ at the moment and I had enough trouble making the people at the health insurance company understand me.

But in the interest of not boring you all to death with moaning and agony,

1) Holiday cards are done. I am very excited with the result and I do have several extras. If anyone would like one, please leave a comment on this screened post. They may be belated if you sign up now, but I will try to mail out everyone else's before I sink deeper into incoherence.

2) I should go buy some anbesol or something.

3) I have had several interesting dreams this week. One involved the true purpose of four-leaf clovers, one involved being the newest cast member of Saturday Night Live after the end of the writers' strike, and one involved a young man whose lifelong ambition was to write gangsta parodies of the entire canon of musical theater. I do wish to expound on these at some point.

4) I promised phuck a few days ago that I would pimp his fandomsurvivor. It's like Survivor but less painful.

5) I have been crocheting quite a lot. It has been most excellent.

6) I am still in pain.

7) I do know there are other things I would like to communicate to you lovely people.

8) Ah, yes! bubonicplague, the book came and it is perfect and excellent in every way. I've also gotten cards from opaleyes, katieupsidedown, and crazy_megan and gifties from pikacharma and dragonmagelet. Thank you, guys!

9) I realize I never got out the assignments for the gift exchange. It is now going to be a...Martin Luther King Day Gift Exchange? Sorry!

10) I've seen I am Legend, Atonement, and No Country For Old Men this week. I would recommend seeing all of them, although...I'm still processing the last. It takes a lot of processing and I am not sure I liked it. It was interesting, though, and it made some very interesting choices that were...more like what I think Hitchcock would do today than anything that wanker M. Night Shyamalan has done in the name of being a modern-day Hitchcock. The Coens, they get what it means to make a suspense film. And I have some issues with their antagonist in this, but maybe...that's all right, because it's a suspense film? I think the message of the film, and that works perfectly when you meld suspense with western, and not in the way where the suspense is what's going to happen to Gary Cooper at noon, is that in the modern day, the culmination ain't the shootout at the OK Corral. To mix and match plot points from my classic westerns and all.

11) To talk more about movies, cineholics [/shameless pimp]

12) Now to shower.

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I AM VERY CONCERNED ABOUT YOU, SERIOUSLY. Wisdom tooth infections are no light matter, you need to get in to a dentist STAT so they can give you antibiotics! I'm serious, they can be EXTREMELY SERIOUS - and even deadly - because the infection is so close to your brain. I'm not joking, please get some antibiotics quickly.

I am on my way right this minute. Don't worry!

I can get you the name of the doctor who did mine! He was about a half hour or so from my house in Commack.

Oh my god, I hope you feel better soon!

thanks! i'm okay, my mouth just hurts like crazy. I just got out of the dentist; he gave me the name of an oral surgeon and i'm going to try to see them later today.

Oh no. :( I hope you can get your tooth taken care of soon! Pobrecita...

Glad you got the card!

just got out of the dentist- hopefully later today.

I am so pleased the book arrived, as the Chicago postal system is about as reliable as...er...well, the Chicago voting system.

Tooth pain is the worst in the world. I hope you are able to get that out today and feel better.

It's done! I have two gaping holes in my mouth!

The book arrived in good shape and it seems like it will be right up my dad's alley! Thanks to your brother too!

Yipes. Hope the oral surgeon works out and you can get that taken care of today! Of course this would happen right before Christmas, too, right?

I'm mainly concerned about the fact that we are about to go away and I don't know what-all I'll be able to eat in the restaurants. It's done, it seems good!

I do hope you have read Atonement, too. I haven't seen the movie, but the book is excellent.

Yay, I am glad the package arrived safe and sound! :)

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