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Voice Post
cap, captain miss america
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Glad you managed to have them out! They did not sound terribly healthy XD

No, they were wasting away like Camille. :-(

Other than sounding less like a little girl, you don't sound too different!

Also, make sure you actually eat/don't eat the stuff your dentist told you to eat/not eat. If you don't, you could very easily get a dry socket, and lemme tell ya, those suck. I had one.

Thanks! I pretty much know what I'm doing; I had a tooth out when I was in college so I am an old pro at wisdom tooth extraction!

LOL, ok. I had all of mine taken out at once when I was 18. (Yes, they came in that early)

Made the mistake of drinking out of a straw b/c it stung too much to drink stuff full-on.

I only had one come in when I was 19. Two didn't come in till this year, and the fourth one has never shown up.

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