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let me tell you a storyso

so when i was a senior in high school i had a whole bunch of insane online friends. then we all lost touch, mostly because most of us went away to college and made real friends, or something. i dunno. anyway, the resolutions quiz (remember that?) was made by a young gent named levi_adams which happened to be the same name as one of these friends of mine. coincidence, i think NOT! it is in fact the same leviadams. so i wrote to him. well, i wrote to him before i knew this. then he wrote back. but i got the email on my parents' computer, goddammit!! so i losted it. i was too stoopid to look for the resolutions test again. but the ducky test linked to it! so i found him again and put him on my friends list! WHAH!!

that's all.
Tags: life, memories, people:internet, people:leviadams

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