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Boxing Day!
goonies, die
1) rhikat and I went ice-skating.

Do you know what is awesome? Being able to go to random places all over the country and maybe even the world and having friends there. We saw Sweeney Todd earlier this week, went to a diner, and went to the Pompeii exhibit at the Science museum and learned about how garum makes everything taste better. But in the opposite order. And rhikat is seriously awesome.

We totally rocked out the ice rink. They played Elvis Costello and there was this little girl who kept falling down and throwing temper tantrums. I think she needed to have some garum. Then her brother kept kicking her ass. The rink was seriously $2 for skates and free to use. It was sweet, even if it was covered in snow.

2) I finished the brother's moose hat.

I could not find stuffing to stuff them, so I went to the dollar store and bought two 50% off stuffed Santa dolls.

Then I pulled a Sweeney Todd on Santa:

And then, hat:

P.S. Santa's guts are in the antlers.

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Man, ice-skating! :D

I now have a formidable desire to write lyrics to the Ballad of Terrible Tea... who saw a Santa Clause on sale and did things quite beyond the pale.


Haha, I can try!

Attend the tale of Terrible Tea... who brought the town to bended knee... *grin*

Something something something flee?

She saw a Santa Clause on sale
And did things quite beyond the pale

Stuffed toys all about did flee
From Terrible Tea

... what can you be? A killer knitter? XD

Edited at 2007-12-27 06:56 am (UTC)

Crocheter, technically. Sadly, crochet hooks aren't so killer. I guess I could be a killer tailor or something?


Santa's guts are in the antlers.

omg I love you! *gigglefit*

OH! And I got your card in the mail. Thank you ever so much! It was fun times!!!

Yay! The cards were cutie fun to make.

You killed Santa!?
Not. Cool. D:

But he gets to rise again on Easter, right? Right?

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