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Art & Other Awesomeness

I am back from land of ice and snow and rhikat now!

So, on the flight back, I notice this girl on line waiting to get on the plane wearing not only a Ravenclaw scarf, but a ,full freaking Ravenclaw uniform. Like, tie, sweater, scarf.

And she had a cat that looked like Crookshanks.

So when we were waiting for our luggage, I struck up a conversation with her. She was pretty cool and I ended up giving her my email. So hilarious.

I drew pictures on the plane:

1) Jammy in Gypsy Clothes (Yes, that's DotG Jammy, played by seori

2) Marcello and Niabheara in the Really Narrow Bed (mine and quizzicalsphinx's characters)

Also: I deleted anybody who hasn't posted in the past couple months. (I steal quizzicalsphinx's ideas days after she does them) If you want back on, it ain't nothing personal,so please just poke me and tell me you're still alive and I'll put you back.

Also Also: Would people be at all interested in buying animal hats like the Bee Hat Moose Hat if I were to make them for purchase? If so, how much would you be willing to spend to get a custom animal and a custom color? To start, I would probably do bunnies, bees, dogs, and cats. I am just concerned that they cost more for me to make than for anyone to be able to buy.
Tags: art, real life
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