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New Year's Resolution Meme!
goonies, die
From liret:
Post a New Year's resolution that you think I should do. Then, if you like, post this in your own LJ, and see what resolutions people think you should do. Comments NOT screened...

(The original version of this was intended to be screened, but I kind of feel like the screening bit is silly and dampens the possibility for conversation!)

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I think you should learn to play an instrument.

I say yes, but only if you make it bawk in tune.

Only the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Grow chickens.

Become Quentin Tarantino.

Become the hot dog eating champion of the world.

I have seen the hot dog eating champion of the world in person, and sadly, I cannot compete.

Donate your hair. Your hair is simply too magnificent for only just your head.

I would have to grow it long enough to donate first! I think it has to be at least 14"!

Is that just because it's curly? I've donated ten inches before...

Oh! No, the one place I checked about donating said your hair has to be at least 14"!

Do more with the Tumbling-After boards!

But the message boards are sad and lonely with no one posting on them. :(

Which reminds me that one of my New year's resolutions should be to get the bookclub going. Think people would still be interested in A Wrinkle in Time?

I am! I just have to get around to posting stuff up about it!

Actually, I've just done an installation of the new phpBB. It is...amazingly better than any of the pay programs. I don't know if there's a conversion tool, though.

I don't know about Becky and Anna, but I'm totally willing to switch to phpBB for Bloomsdale if there's a way to switch without having to completely rebuild the boards.

(Deleted comment)
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