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Random Update

1) Before the Devil Knows You're Dead: Possibly the most depressing movie since House of Sand and Fog. I was expecting hijinks, man.  HIJINKS.  Not nihilism! 

2) I still feel a little sick to my stomach from seeing that.

3) On several people's recommendations, most recently rattsu, I got Guild Wars.  This wins over WoW because I don't have to pay a subscription, nyah.  I know buttfacemakani has it, anyone else? 

4) I feel a general air of malaise today.  I did a lot of work and this may be the first week I have a full forty hours clocked by the end of the week, which is yay.  My cat is starved for attention.  I have been wondering a lot about why it is okay for guys to be creepy to girls, but why girls are made to feel like bitches if they tell the guy so. I think we need to change it.  If someone is a jerk, why are we told we're being jerks if we are assertive?  Girls are made to feel like they can't be assertive and have to brush guys off without saying what they mean.  I think this leads to people thinking that they have to be passive-aggressive to not be labeled bitches, and this is bad. 

5) I finally saw the one episode of House I've missed this season. Dear writers and networks, please settle?  Or is this going to be like the season that Sports Illustrated had to make up what happened for a whole year of baseball?  Come on, guys.You can do it. 

6) I had a disturbing dream last night about marrying a boy I went to high school with who turned out to be an abusive jerkface. I think I had an affair with someone else but I forget who.

7) My parents' sofa is more comfortable not-pulled-out than it is pulled out. 

8) i have several drawings I need to finish!

9) I actually have New Years' resolutions this year, but I'm not posting them.  They are a little too personal for that.

10) There are some things about my family I have been deeply pondering.  About my place in my family and my voice and its importance to them.

11) Love you all.

12) ETA: When I say this was depressing, I mean it was soul-suckingly depressing.  Like there is not an ounce of joy left in my bones.  Ow.
Tags: life, list, movies, thoughts
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