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1) I seriously need new icons. Seriously, seriously. I think possibly I will unwrap my Pan's Labyrinth dvd and do this after work tomorrow.

2) I went to the grocery store today intending to buy kitty litter and stuff to make meatloaf. Get everything, go to the register. There is one register with just one guy on it who is almost through, so I am like, sweet, and run up with my stuff. The guy counts out his $11-something bill in singles and change. Minus the tax. He gives the cashier exactly however much the bill would be without the tax, and then the cashier is like, "It's $11.91, sir." And he says to the cashier, "No, it's..." I forget the number. And she says, "that's before tax. You need to pay tax." The man then goes into a diatribe about how he is a conscientious objector to the sales tax and he refuses to pay this money to a government he thinks is immoral or something. The lady is like. "That's great, but you're holding up my register line and I need $11.91." She ended up calling the manager and making Mr. Conscientious Objector man wait while she rung me through.

3) I am now a size 6. This would be a good thing, except for the fact that none of my clothes fit and I need to replace them. My amazing wool pants from last Christmas are much too tight. This makes me sad. But I don't want to lose the weight I gained just so the clothes fit. Argh.

4) After Mr. Conscientious Objector Man, I had another little adventure today. I went to meet up with my friend Phil from netomat, and on my way back home, this confused looking man comes up to me and is like "Informazione?" That's right. Informazione. Now, for those of you who don't know this about me, I am just Italian enough to read and understand most Italian I hear, but I speak it for shit unless I'm talking about food. Italian isn't a language you hear a ton of in New York, so the fact that this dude comes up to me of all the people on the street is oddly coincidental. So anyway, he and his wife have a printout from a hotel, but they can't find the hotel. And they don't speak a lick of English except "okay." I find the address for them, and it sure as hell ain't no hotel. So the guy is like, shit, so I get out my phone and explain in my bad bad Italian that I'm googling the hotel for them. Turns out it's on 48th, not 38th. So I tell him this, and he is like DIECI STRADA WTF? And I'm like, well, it's sort of the way I'm going, so I can take you guys halfway? So I walk them up to 43rd, and for the sake of being friendly, I try to point things out to them, like the Port Authorty, Times Square, and pretty much every restaurant on 9th avenue, because, well, as long as it's food, I can carry on a pretty good conversation in Italian. They were mortified by the idea of cheesesteaks. It was cute.

5) twowishesleft gave me the New Years' Resolution that I should post more art. I drew a couple more RP-character pics this week, so here are those!

This is Orrie and Birte. Orrie is mine, Birte is seori's. She's pregnant with hundreds of magical baby fish and sold her husband out to the government.

...I have not drawn Orrie since, like, 2002.

This is Andre and Laivine. Only Laivine is dead pre game-time; she's a ghost. But she's Andre's dead wife. Story is, he was sent as the inspector on a slave ship. She was an African princess who was kidnapped by French slavers. She tried to kill him by getting her shackles off and attempting to strangle him with them (see this picture), but instead convinced him to help her plan a revolt and kill all the slavers. Which is what happened.

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