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Meme and things.
cap, captain miss america
First, handwriting meme stolen from skirmish_of_wit

The Handwritten Meme
1) your handle/name/username
2) left or right handed?
3) favourite letters to write
4) least favourite characters to write
5) write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
6) tag 5 people

Second, Burgers & Cupcakes went out of business! I forgot to say this the other day, but this is the place I took well, pretty much everyone who came to visit me from out of town ever. Aw! Sad. atomicfiction and I tried to go there and it was NOT THERE. WAS FOR RENT. Sad.

I already said sad.

Going to Maine this week for work. This has been a pretty crazy few weeks. I went to Old Navy today and they had an insane sale which was good. What was frustrating is that my pants don't fit me for the second time since the summer. I'm actually up to a normal weight but I feel kind of out of shape now and this is the first time I haven't been a stick since before I was 25 and it means I actually have the kind of chub people my age get. Not that it's a lot of chub, but I'd rather have some more muscle. cacophonesque suggested I join sparkpeople so I might do that so I can get in shape. The pants are frustrating, though.

There are no good movies out this week. Which may be a good thing, since I wouldn't have the opportunity to see many of them if there were. Is anyone else vaguely disturbed by what appears to be the rampant, for-lack-of-a-better-word, blaxploitation going on in How She Move? Like, what, if we use urban language for the title, that's supposed to make people think it's actually being made for black people by black people when it's actually an MTV movie? Sorry, but Ian Iqbal Rashid is not Spike Lee and the movie seems like a watered-down, overdramatized piece of crap. It was kind of embarrassing to even have to sit through the preview of it before The Great Debaters, because it was like, "HEY IF YOU LIKE MOVIES ABOUT AFRICAN-AMERICANS OVERCOMING ADVERSITY, TRY THIS TOO. ONLY OUR ADVERSITY IS OVERCOME BY DANCING IN SEXY CLOTHES." Yeeeah. If I'm totally missing something and someone else knows more about this movie that says this isn't what it is, I apologize for the assumption, but it's been bugging me and I just needed to get that out there.

And then there is some real news. I have been kind of not talking about this because my parents didn't want to jinx it this time, but it sounds like they are finally buying a house. And it is a fucking incredible house. It's up in Connecticut and it's remade from an old barn, and it HAS A HAYLOFT IN THE HOUSE. Actually, multiple ones. It's amazing. We're going up there Saturday morning to deal with some things, and I'll try to remember to take pictures on my mom's camera (I am still cameraless as mine disappeared the night of Colin's party and I haven't seen it since.) So, yay.

Now time for sleeping. Have to actually go to work tomorrow, which will be weird.

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You have... my head suggests 'friendly handwriting' (o_O), which I suppose means that it's appealing? :) Do you have the questions for the meme somewhere?

YES FARMHOUSE. I want to come visit you in your farmhouse. And see your chickens. And stay in a hayloft, only with the way I sleep that may be risky.

I am seriously sad about burgers and cupcakes. They had good burgers. And cupcakes! And those drink things. :(

Also: I think you need an hobby that involves activity - rockclimbing, archery, dance lessona, judo, anything. Trying to get in shape yourself at home is harder and more frustrating, usually, especially if you're not looking at weight-training.

Noo! Oh man, that's so sad. :( That was a really nice place. It always made me think of you.

What are the questions for the handwriting meme?

I echo the bit about the questions!

As for getting in shape... it was total fail for me before i got a job that required me to move around. I would suggest you start with walks, but I dunno how feasible that is. It's not like you can just walk an hour in the forest like I can.

But walking is a great first step if you haven't before.

I live in New York City! Walking is my main means of transportation. I probably walk for at least twenty minutes a day already just getting where I have to go.

Farm house ftw! That seriously sounds awesome.

Burgers and cupcakes :( you should rent it and start it again! And we will fly from all over the world to be your waitresses! And one day take over the world!

I haven't seen it, but I do know that How She Move is a Canadian movie -- it's set in the Jane & Finch area of Toronto, which is where the director is from. And they're promoting the hell out of it on the CBC, which tends to be fairly leftist (and also film snob picky) about the things they promote. Supposedly (again, just from reviews that I've read) it kind of takes that well worn "step up" genre, and acknowledges some of the complexity of people's lives. And, with the MTV thing -- that was a post-production redo. The movie premiered at Sundance after the director had shot it for basically nothing, and it was so well received that MTV & Paramout picked it up and gave him money to re-shoot the dance sequences with better equipment.

Anyways, not that we don't have five thousand tons of racial problems all our own up here in Canada, and I don't want to defend something that may in fact be a stereotype-ridden piece of crap, but I think the context the movie emerged in is important. So...that's all I guess?

Yeah, and that's not getting any press here. Which is interesting in and of itself, because, what, do they think black people don't like indie films? I don't know.

It is interesting, though, because it's making me wonder if the cultural difference between NY and Toronto dance crew culture might be enough to make it seem fakey fake to someone from New York?

Yeah, and that's not getting any press here.

Quite frankly, I'm surprised it's even being advertised in the US at all -- most Canadian films -- especially more audience-friendly ones -- don't tend to make it beyond the border.

It is interesting, though, because it's making me wonder if the cultural difference between NY and Toronto dance crew culture might be enough to make it seem fakey fake to someone from New York?

I think there's a good possibility of that being the case. I get the feeling that the specifics of race & class in the Jane-Finch corridor might not correlate exactly to the American dynamic. Which would make the movie "authentically Canadian" but might hit some false notes outside of that context.

MySpace sometimes re-does (is that a word? Fuckit) their layout to promote a movie, they did it to no end with '300', and the new layout is for 'How She Move'. I'm hoping it encourages better movies to be made and I'm a little glad it's not going "thug life! Hoora! That's the way to play!"

:( I'm glad that I visited you last summer, so I actually got to go to Burgers and Cupcakes!

The idea of anything called Burgers and Cupcakes closing makes my heart a little sad.

Spark People is awesome.

Yaaay! Awesome house! Double-yay! Hayloft!

Burgers. AND cupcakes? It's an overload of awesome. The people just weren't ready!

Apparently, being a "hoe fo sho" is the only way to truly be legit on them streets wif da real cred. Um. I think.

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