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Before I go to Maine

This morning, I got to go see the house my parents are buying.

It is incredible. I mean, you talk dreamhouse...this place is one of the most incredible houses I have ever seen in my life, and it is going to belong to my parents.

My room in their house is going to have a hayloft in it. Their room will too. Now, I'm naturally not intending on living there for a lot of time, but once in a while I will have the most incredible room in the world.

I am really, really happy for them. This has been three years coming.

I took a whole bunch of pictures, but I forgot to pull them off the camera before I left my mom's, so, shoot.

Then, I came back into the city. On the train, the girl behind me was having THE MOST CONTROL-FREAKY STALKER CONVERSATION EVER.

Apparently, she decided to go through her boyfriend's text messages because he WAS ALONE AT A PARTY WITHOUT HER FOR THREE HOURS. And she found one that said "Was I a bad girl last night?" from a number that wasn't stored in his phone. SO SHE SEARCHED ALL THE DOCS ON HIS PHONE and found the number in a separate 'notes' file with his sister's phone number and his ex wife's phone number.

Don't you love how much I know about this girl's love life? YEAH.


Then she called the number and a girl picked up and she demanded the girl tell her who she was and the girl got upset and hung up.


So then then then she confronted her boyfriend ABOUT HIS AFFAIR without telling him HOW SHE KNEW. And FOR SOME REASON he accused her of being crazy and imagining things and FOR SOME REASON now he's not speaking to her.

And so she's saying to her friend, on the phone, how this is proof, right? This is proof he's cheating! And now she's going to go to the bar that the party was at and ask the bartender if he saw her boyfriend with any other girls before she got there.


So this other girl sat down next to me toward the end of the story, when I just totally about to burst with the psychoness of it all. So I wrote on the back of my ticket receipt "The woman behind us is having the most control-freaky stalker conversation ever." and handed it to her. And she cracked up. And then we made faces at each other for the rest of the call.

Which sadly, wasn't very long.
Tags: crazy people, house, real life
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