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cap, captain miss america
okay, i really want to get involved in some kind of online RPG thing. but i HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE anything involving violence, fighting, or competition of any kind. this makes it really hard to find RPGs to play in. i've done moos but i am not particularly fond of them because i dont want all those level of privileges either. i liked having my own moo because i had an ability to create things. i just want to create an interesting avatar & be able to RP with other people online. that's it. any suggestions?


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me too. people make rps so dramatic. Me and nicole were on this email grop thing with some dragon ball nut but it got really lame and the people were so uptight.

we should start an RP room or something...*nods*

i have loads of lj codes; i could theoretically make an LJ RPG. the only problem with that is that there wouldn't be anywhere to store character info.

i'm glad to know there are other people who feel this way; maybe we should start something.


I love all kinds of RPGs, I like "adventure" RPGs but this doesn't always mean violence/competition. I used to run a group of RPers (in real life, no less), it was all Victorian/Steampunk-based, mostly all humorous situations, that was a lot of fun. If you do start up an RP group, count me in! An LJ thing would be neat, I'm already doing that with the fakejournals.

(Deleted comment)
hmm, a victorian/steampunk thing might be interesting; it would also allow people to do gothic or fairy stuff if they wanted.

yeah, elaine, your dolls are putting me in a victorian mindset too...if i weren't trying to finish the smashing pumpkins doll, i would have started a dahlia davenport doll.


LOL!!! I have no idea why I chose her as an icon, I don't really want to be represented as some blonde chick with a flower in her mouth, but I love the pic. I'm sure you know how it is!

Oh wait...she doesn't have a flower in her mouth. That's James. Maybe he will be my next icon. I get too hung up over these things.

There are always those free forrum pages and such as well...but I think you're right that a LJ would be best...since we're all here anywho.
I adore this place and it's banner free world. HORRAH!
so victorian steam punk? no idea what that means.
I guess that just means super tech or fantasy...either or. Like how Final Fantasy melds the two all the time ^_^

We should make a certain place though...like say, an inn or a forest city...somthin like that. If you're willing to waste the codes, we can have a few different places so people can travel around. I gave away my only code already, but if you want an extra I can force doug to let us use his *grin*

this is getting interesting.

steampunk is not hi-tech-- it's victorian-era scifi, like the time machine or wild wild west. which is fun.

mikey and i were talking about creating a personality quiz that would magically format your character stats-- for an LJRPG, how apropos would that be? !

does anyone know if there are any pre-existing LJRPGs that we can try first?


I think that would be good...only you'd have to warn people that it's not for their personality...they have to answer as if they were their char.

It should be pretty loose though...

I'd rather start our own as well. that way I don't have to catch up on other people's storylines.

It is a cool idea with the personality test but... wouldn't we ahave a whole bunch of people with the same characters?

LJRPG would be fun. I don't think we need personality stat pages. They can get kind of useless anyhow, because characters change and you forget what you originally said about them, and it's boring to read everyone's. It's funner to have the character just act who they are, and say where they came from if/when it becomes relevent. You know, like how people do it in real life ^-^. The only thing that it's really needs is character pictures, but we can all just designate ourselves one or more LJAVs of our character for use in the RPG

I don't know how into victorian steampunk I am though. Although I could go with anything I guess.

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