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I am leet!
audrey, palms

Also, I got one of these drawing blogs. I am not sure I'm crazy about it, but playing with it is giving me ideas about how to improve it. I've just done a couple self-portraits. You can't friend people on it, which kind of sucks.

That brings up a couple of the things I want to talk about today!

1) I want to draw more. I think the drawing blog is a good start, but I want to challenge myself to draw every day. Even if it is just a sketch. twowishesleft suggested this as a new year's resolution for me, and I feel like the only way I will ever improve is to draw daily.

Today, I drew three pictures in the drawing blog. I feel this is a good start.

2) I would like a tablet. I have not had a tablet since college, and I really feel like it would not necessarily improve my art, but make me draw more if I had one. And experiment with more styles. The people on my flist who have tablets: would people mind throwing out recommendations? Does anyone have a tablet PC? How do you like those? Some of them are so inexpensive that I'm almost thinking it would be more worthwhile to get the tablet PC than to get a tablet.

3) Yesterday, I got to meet ninepointfivemm and flameth and another one of their friends! We went to the museum along with cacophonesque, got pizza at Patsy's, and went to H&M which is full of Chuck's clothing from Pushing Daisies, before I had to run to have dinner with my parents. Which was also good! But I sort of felt bad that I had to run away.

4) Also in the spirit of drawing more, kikithepirate did a meme thing that involved her asking people to ask questions that she would answer in video form. I would like to ask you all to ask me questions that I will answer in drawing form. Yes? Yes.

5) Work is exciting and hard!

6) I think that is all I have to say right now. Let me leave off with more automatic writing. I like the automatic writing, it is excellent for meditation purposes.

Vascillating duomos of inconsistency. Parabolas over time and space breathe rhythms for turbulence. How do you write the lyrics to the intangible paste and syncophantic sex? Blurring. Pestilence comes easy to the forgotten fossils. Hairballs incapacitate the living when all the prairies in the world sing of tarantulas and egg creams. I was never the forgotten child; I did not live in the meadow where the persistent rhyming swam deep into the fields of fast formulaic fissures. Frantic. Devious and diligent, the drummers drum their tune into the savory sodomites. Sad synchronicity summons seven sons. Charismatic telephones elephants awry. Adolescent. Hadrian's Wall was the last stand of the fairy godmothers of yesteryear; there was never an uneven shout to sacrifice the sisters of variable justification.

7) Oh wait! It's not. Also on the drawing front, I am looking for resources to improve my skills with perspective and with drapery. I really like good drawing books or exercises if you think there are exercises that helped any of you!

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http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=WP8060-TAB08&cpc=SCH I picked this one up the other day... it's pretty cheap. when it gets here I'll let you know how it works.

Wacom has raised their prices a lot since i got my intuos II so I had to really shop around. :{

another friend recommended this place: http://www.aiptek.com/ and they seem pretty reasonable as well...

Thanks! Price is less of an issue here, as I may be able to get work/mom to chip in, so if there's something pricey that you think is definitely the way to go, I would definitely be interested in look at that too!

http://www.wacom.com/intuos/9x12.cfm this is our big one... If you're used to painting or working large, this is the thing to get. I like ours a lot, but I'm a scribbler by nature so I like working on a smaller board.

http://www.wacom.com/cintiq/12WX.cfm if price is no object... I'd get a cintiq because I'm crazy like that. XD

That's getting to the upper limit of what I can reasonably spend, but yeah. I was looking at those. I was trying to decide though whether getting the board you can draw on and see what you're doing or the monitor you can draw on is preferable. There are quite a few new laptops with pen-touch-screens that are actually cheaper than the cintiq.

with the tablet PCs, you have to shop around... I've heard nothing but good things about the toshiba brand, but other brands I've heard of them breaking and the customer service being awful. I can't remember where ashbet got hers, but she's had that thing in for service like four times in the year she's had it. It also doesn't like vista, but it came packaged with it!

The one I played with briefly was a toshiba and pretty big. I liked it, but I didn't get to draw with it.

Okay, sweet. The toshibas have actually been most of the ones I've looked at, but I know NObody who has one!

Yeah, no friending on the drawing blog whatsit is lousy, and no opacity levels? My lack of colour sense and I are less than cheery. But ah, it's novel.

I have just got some new drawing books - one on perspective, incidentally. I'll tell you if they're any good once I've had a good look at them!

And tablets... GAH. I was shopping the other day and the guy in the Apple store let me play with this. It is burning a hole in my soul - so awesome, but SO unaffordable. *sigh*

Why the drawing blog interests me is because we're working on adding a blogging feature to my website, which WILL have friending, and I think it would be awesome to allow an option for drawn blog entries. As an option, not as the whole blog feature, obviously. And with better tools. I don't think it needs to be a huge-scale thing or as complex as most oekaki tools, but being able to change hardness, opacity, brush shape, have more colors and an eraser would be nice.

I am seriously looking at the Cintiq now.

(Deleted comment)
Re #7, that is usually what I do, but my biggest weaknesses right now are drawing drastically foreshortened anatomy and clothing on people! So I'm trying to learn to do clothing on people when I have a limited number of available reference models. Usually modeling sessions you can pay to go to are with nudes, and nudes I have no problem with-- I'm great at those because I get lots of practice. But living alone, it's tough to get references for what clothes look like when people are wearing them!

Thanks for the advice on the tablet-- I will also do your drawing tomorrow!

I used to like to draw people out of clothing catalogues.

It is hard to think of questions when I know everything I would ask you. Um. What's your favorite country you've never been to?

I used to keep lots of pictures from clothing catalogs just for this purpose!

Anyway, it's okay if you already know the answer, since the idea is for me to make the pretty pictures!

I have a Wacom with an itsy writing area, about four by three inches? It was about $80 on sale when Phil bought it for me about two years ago. At first I thought the small size would make it hard to use but I don't really have a problem with it. If I buy a new one, I'm going to invest in one with actual shortcut buttons on the tablet, because it would make it a lot easier. I haven't had any problems with the tablet, though--it's never broken, I've never had to buy a new pen or case, and I've hauled it all over the place with my laptop.

Dunno much about tablet PCs... my friend bought a Toshiba since she has wrist problems, and I've never heard her complain about it. On the other hand, I've used a Toshiba for years, and two of my friends have used normal Toshiba laptops on and off... we've had no end of trouble with them, so I don't know if I'd advise going the Toshiba route.

My question:

What is happiness?


Favorite animal that can fly (without a plane)?
How do you like your eggs?
Do you like flowers?

Yes they are weird but makes for amusing pictures!

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