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Memes are love.
coffee, damnfine
So first off, in this post, I asked people to ask me questions, and I would draw the answers.

Asked by freakredeyes

If anyone else wants to ask, go for it.

The drawing blog site lets you friend people now. I am keeping up on top of that. It's hard to draw with just my trackpad and the toolset is limited, but it encourages me to draw more because I don't have to scan shit.

So after rotae said I made her day in her thingy, then bubonicplague did too and while I seriously don't usually like taggy memes, this one was so nice, I feel like I should do it.

Sooo. Guys, there are so many of you who make my day, and I don't want any of you to feel left out. And that's the main reason why I have trouble doing these. So don't! If I didn't name you, please feel free to ask me why you make my day and I will tell you so!


Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own.

1) quizzicalsphinx, because the amount we talk, we may as well be living in the same house, hundreds of miles apart. You are a wonderful grounding influence, a fabulous RP partner (and mod) and you're the one person I always try to make sure I say good morning and good night to!

2) rainy_day This is a literal "you make my day" because I don't talk to you super often, but we had the best fucking conversation ever last night. JESUS HATES EVERYONE. I love discussing things with you, you're level-headed and sincere.

3) gildedage You have the best sense of the absurd ever, of anyone I know. I adore you, and you make me giddy with your hilarity. But you're also very sensible.

4) liret because you are one of the most sensitive and caring people I have ever known and <3

5) spiralstairs, you are a darling and wonderfully affectionate and I love that you check on people when they're blue. Your ambition is also so incredibly admirable and I am so proud of you every time I see the amazing things you are doing.

6) cacophonesque, I am so pleased to count you among my for-real real-life friends and I hope that you are not feeling as sick today as you were yesterday. I admire your ability to be serious whilst finding humor in situations, and your honest caring for other people.

7) skirmish_of_wit. You know, yes, you picked a fight in my name, but this isn't for that. This is for that, but it's because of your ability to be so incredibly tactful and your grace under fire. Man, I wish I could do that.

8) bubonicplague Um, yeah, this isn't for tagging me, this is for always, unfailingly, making me laugh. And for that quilt with your face on it. That was awesome.

9) dancedarkly, because you are not only extremely talented but you seem to always have something helpful or interesting to contribute to everything I do or say.

10)seori, because if I didn't include you, you might take my land away from me when you finish your reclamation of the US. And also because you are an amazing, loyal, and kind friend and I adore you.

Yeah. I might do ten more people later because there are more people I want to include? Haha. Bye now. Dinner with parents tonight!

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Awww! You know what I just did? I photocopied my ass. I am now taking the picture to Walgreens to have them scan and silk-screen it on to a quilt just for you! It's about, oh, four feet by five feet. The quilt, not my ass.

omg I feel so special. I would make one for you but they would have to shrink my ass down to fit it on a quilt.

<3 This is my favourite meme ever.

And you are correct, though I would also have taken the land out from under you, and you would be living somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

awww, and now you've gone and made my day...! It WAS pretty much the best conversation, especially the bit about nazis.

Sometimes it scares me how much we agree on, though. <3

This is why I like this meme! It like, automatically makes people happy!

And stop oppressing the poor nazis, dude.


Where do you hide your treasure?

I less than three you so much. :)

I am filled with so much happy right now. ^.^ *HUG!* You are such a sweet! I must do this meme now. XD


I really like that horse.

That's so very sweet of you! <3.

Question-wise: removing all effort and expense from the process of attiring yourself, and presuming that people wouldn't give you funny looks, what would you dress in every day if you could? Or just every other day. Or... you know. :)

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