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Meme and happiness yay.

phuck insists on doing things like tagging me in memes so here we go, just for him.


01. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
02. Tag eight people to do the same.
03. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whomever wants to do it". wtf ever to that.

1) I have worked as a professional designer for almost eight years. The extent of my formal design education involves a class at SVA in art book design and bookbinding. Most of my training comes from working at Rolling Stone and DC Comics as an intern.

2) I am a slob. I would say I am an unrepentant slob, but I am very repentant when I have to live in the slobbiness. The sad thing is that no matter what I do, how many strategies for slob-no-more-ing I attempt, I remain a slob. I am on the verge of giving up ever being anything but a slob, but it is embarrassing to have guests. This leads me to the conclusion that I need to make enough money to engage a maid service.

3) I am currently growing my hair out for the first time since high school. As in, making an effort to do so and not just having longer hair because I'm too lazy to get it cut. In high school, I had hair down to my butt. Then I got to college and the communal showers made it impossible for me to keep up my haircare regimen and not be rude to my schoolmates, so I cut my hair to shoulder and then chin length. Then I cut it ear-length, and then shaved it completely. It's been several different lengths but never as long as it is now-- just over my shoulders. And I have been going to a proper salon and getting layers put in it. I am intending to keep it long until I am old enough that long hair is stupid.

4) I also have incredibly long nails, on and off. Right now, about five of the ten are longish and the others are broken, but my broken nails are longer than most people's long nails. Four of my nails are currently over a half inch longer than my fingertip. A lot of the time, people ask if I can type with nails this long. It is funny because when I break a nail, I can't type because my finger expects to hit the key a good half-inch above where the key is.

5) I ogle shoes. You know how lecherous men actually stop where they're standing and do the full turn to check out girls who walk by? I do that, but with people's boots. Especially if they're leather boots without zippers up the inner ankle/calf. Or shoes with huge heels. Seriously, when I am rich, I will have so many shoes. For now, though, I just wear my Merrells.

6) My regular diet mainly consists of lunch from a NYC deli chain called Lenny's. It is right around the corner from my apartment and while it's more expensive than other places, the ingredients are always fresher and higher quality. I have three things I get regularly from Lenny's: 1) Spinach salad with ceci beans, red beets, red onions, red cabbage, blue cheese, bacon, lemon herb dressing, chopped, with croutons. 2) Fresh Mozzarella with tomato, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, red cabbage, and Italian dressing in a whole wheat wrap. 3) BLT with avocado and fresh mozzarella on a whole wheat roll. I usually get a bottle of Tea's Tea.

7) I was going to post this anyway, but! I am completely in love with The New Orleans Bingo Show! and want to move there so I can be a regular at their shows. Is this lame? Maybe. Is it awesome? Yes. Click the link, provided by the wonderful liret. OMG. Love.

Tag? Do I need to tag people?


Yes? Yes.
Tags: bingo, meme
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