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Dude, so, guys, I suddenly have access to all this stuff that I haven't had in four years. Books and clothes and doodads that I forgot I owned. So much STUFF. I don't even know what to do with it all! And the chickens! All the chickens are out of their boxes! Well, some of the chickens are out of their boxes.

And books. Holy shit the books.

So my father has a new theory. This theory is that my mother used to live on this farm in a previous life, and so all this life, the farm has been calling back to her. And everything she has every bought in her life has been meant for this house, and the house has been telling her what to buy without her ever knowing. And now when she was ready for it, the house finally called her back to live.

My father also, when I woke up this morning, gave me a hug and said, "I'm glad you're Tamara. Because Nancy wouldn't have been a good name for you."

In other, LOST-related news:

gildedage (1:44:17 PM): women love men with huge love sticks
teaberryblue (1:44:35 PM): HOW DID THEY KNOW?
gildedage (1:44:45 PM): SECRETS
gildedage (1:44:56 PM): THEY MUST HAVE A WOMAN ON THE BOAT
teaberryblue (1:45:14 PM): OH BENRY DO YOU HAVE A HUGE LOVE STICK?
gildedage (1:45:31 PM): ONLY FOR SAYID
Tags: house, life, lost, photos
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