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More Unpacking
I finished unpacking, sorting, and in some cases re-packing my shit.

Here is many photos of things I founds, with stories.

I made these paperdolls when I was 13 or 14? In order, these are characters from the stories I used to write: Fredje, Jaesten, Caffrey, Leah Norah, Cheli, Jolie, Bastion, & Ranel. Yeah, they have lame bad fantasy names, some of them. Jolie and Ranel were based on my friend Julie and her boyfriend Lenard (Dranel didn't work as a name). Fredje is totally a kind of self insert vigilante character; we'll get to that later. Cheli and Bastion are twins; Cheli totally has an inferiority complex because Bastion is totally speshul. Caffrey is the one from the novella I mentioned in yesterday's post. Jaesten was based on a little girl I met sailing on one of my dad's company's boats when I was eleven, only I made him a boy. Leah was the only witness to a murder and was struck dumb by an evil magician so she couldn't testify in her brother-in-law's defense.

These? Are totally underwear that my mom hand-embroidered for my dad WHEN THEY WERE DATING IN THE SEVENTIES. WHAT IS UP WITH THE CROTCH AREA?


Here's a note I sent to my friend Daphna at the beginning of Junior year. I used to write her a note every day. This is from when everyone called me Rosey, a nickname instituted by the recipient of this letter. We would exchange notes in the hall in the morning, then read them and write back and exchange again in the afternoon. This one has drawings of my friend Laurie and of me at the bottom. The upper section is from a series of consecutive dreams I had that all shared the same plot. The Kevin mentioned about 2/3 of the way down the page is the dude who was sending me the creepy messages on facebook last summer. He was my best friend by the end of the year. Daphna wasn't my friend anymore, mainly because she got mad at me when I started palling around with Kevin, who was her crush. She basically told me to choose between them as friends, and so faced with an ultimatum, I chose the person who didn't issue it. Then I started writing notes to him. They were lab partners for the first few weeks of Physics class, and physics was my best subject-- you can see me geek out about physics equations at the end there.

This is the note, also to Daphna, where I realized that I didn't dream in first person.

This is a necklace I wore through a lot of high school. The pennies are from a boy I had a very brief but emotionally intense...thing...with, the angel...I used to know where it came from and there was some significance to wearing it, but I forget what now.

The chestnut was found on a crisp autumn walk with my friend Emily. The walnut is only significant because it has three distinct partitions instead of two.

Remember Fredje? This is the mask she wore when she was being her vigilante alter ego, Sutoxtezv. That's a secret cipher I made up when I was, like, nine, because I thought it was way cool. There is actually a symbol for each letter and I used to be able to write in it with very little effort but I totally forget the symbols.

This is my Great-Grandmother Vera's napkin ring.

This is a Mets ticket stub from 1995. I am just posting it for the preposterousness that I saved it. I don't think there was anything special about it. I'm pretty sure I went with my friend Melanie.

These are items that used to hang on my bulletin board in high school. They are: 1) a cartoon of River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves in My Own Private Idaho, the second-best adaptation of the Henry Tetralogy ever, drawn by my friend Cinthia, who is the one who died in 2001 in a car crash three days before my 22nd birthday. 2) My own sketch of Rhett and Scarlett in Gone with the Wind. 3) A photo of the boy mentioned above. He is not either of the people mentioned in yesterday's post. 4) The funniest business card ever, from "Phil Devoid" of "Dead People's Things" and 5) A sketch of Caffrey, from the paper dolls.

Okay, that's all. Just had to sneak that in there.

I used to collect a lot of junk metal off the street. These are two of the prettier pieces that I decided to keep.

This is the love letter mentioned in this post

For some reason, I printed out, in entirety, one of the very first email RPGs I was in. It was pretty bad but pretty hilarious. It was all done as if it were actual emails in a Star Wars parody universe. This is a letter from my character, Calliope, to a Space Navy Captain, Jeremy, about how King Karbidon, the villain she was betrothed to, had fired Jeremy's friend, who was a spy posing as a cook in Karbidon's kitchens and replaced him with a man named YORIP DI MENDOZA. I think this is still the best RPG character name ever. (except for Increase Cockburn Say it with me. Yorip Di Mendoza.) This was also just before Calliope finds out that Jeremy was once married to her psychobitch older sister (who goes on to murder pretty much all of their family except for her own kid and Calliope).

This is the Pez. Yes, that is Darth Vader in a maid's costume.

This is the fish hook book, also known as Blessings and Curses, the book I wrote, designed, printed, and bound for my book design class. It is covered in fish hooks and velvet to show the double-edged nature of blessings and curses.

Man is that pretentious. And hurty.

Here is the section from the book on the Evil Eye.

This is another illustration from the book. I think this was a section about Icarus? I don't remember.

And here is the section on Gorgons and people getting turned into monsters and animals, yay.

That is all for tonight! It has been very interesting to go through all these things. Very interesting indeed and it is making me remember quite a lot about who I once was. It's good to have these things back with me now.

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VERY interesting...

The metal junk on the right is kind of freaking me out.

I like the one on the left! I used to have two of them and I was planning to turn them into some kind of spur-things. But then I lost one. The one on the right is just...kinda some twisty bar.

Omg, your parents = cutest thing everrrr!

The hook book sounds absolutely brilliant and filled with the possibility of tetanus!

It was a clever idea but not so much for handling! It gets caught on everything! Unpacking it, it got caught on the same scarf twice in four places!

The metal junk is not junk!

Both of them are in perfect working condition, and are used with strong flat bands to secure things like boxes and the like. We have both variants, but smaller at work. You thread the band in a particular order through the metal bits, then you can just pull on one end and it stays tight.

Oh, I know they look like they're in good shape. But they were dumped in the trash: therefore, junk. And I didn't know what the curly one did!

I think the hand embroided underwear made me laugh for a solid 5 minutes - especially because of thehands on the ass. :D

I was laughing because of the crotch. Both sides are pretty damn hysterical.


I know. I kinda wish the hands on the ass weren't worn half off. I can't believe my mother did that.


really. what a totally awesome thing to do to your sweeties underwear! Ha!

Vair creative.

And hey - that creativity clearly got passed on, straight from the SHAZAM crotch.

Your stuff is SO fascinating and creative and fantastical and you SAVED it and then unpacked and LOOKED at it and TOOK pictures and POSTED them!

You = my hero.

The sunshine shazam! crotch is especially funny if you know my dad, because he is like the most un-macho man ever.

And thank you for that. I think one of my biggest challenges in life is finding ways to use the things I do to entertain other people and make them happy and so even if I can do it in little ways by posting to my journal...that's a good step.

maybe he USED to be macho before fatherhood knocked him around for a bit. you ever ask your mum for the backstory on those?

I'm glad i was able to supply you with a little happy. these pictures totally bring a smile to my face. thanks.

Oh, gosh, yes. No, he's actually better now than he was when she met him. He used to cry himself to sleep if he didn't have the right pillow.

Hahahahahahaha the panties!

I don't know which side is more hilarious!

I love your letter. I want a high-school tea to write letters to me with pictures and physics equasions.

Also, eye on your leg? Hmmmmmm.


I totally had this pair of jeans that I drew an eye on in green marker. When I washed them and it faded, I would re-draw it.

I totally had those same puberty books. I was obsessed with puberty when I was going through it, to the point where I COULD NOT WAIT to get my period.

Man. I loved those books.

Oh, god, I hated puberty. But I also kinda got gigundous boobs so I was sort of embarrassed by the whole thing. I do remember that in the girls' locker room you could totally tell which girls had gotten their periods because you could see the wings from their pads and/or they would change inside the toilet stalls.

This was an awesome post!! omg, the underwear, hahaha! XD

I am going to steal this idea when I go back to America and have to clean out my closet. Just saying. <3

It is not so much an idea as it was a slow and culminating effect of having all these things. There wasn't a lightbulb so much as an OH I MUST SHARE.

This is all so awesome. Thank you for sharing it! The underwear cracked me up. XD

The underwear cracked me up. And now it's been bequeathed to me.

Dude. You are awesome. I'm going to steal all your junk metal and doodlin's and puberty books. So take that!
Also, those underwears are awe-inspiring. Things are coming up sunshiny on those things.


And yeah. It makes me want to embroider hilarious undies.

*loves all over the pezes*

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