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updating journal stuff
cap, captain miss america
i meant o add "wicked fairies" to my interests but i added "wicked dairies" instead.

i think i shall leave it that way. i was not interested in wicked dairies until after i added it, because i didn't think they existed. but now i know they do. i remember being to a wicked dairy as a chile; i must have repressed that memory. now it all comes flooding back to me. wicked, wicked dairies.

i also found this person: hardly_love who happens to be the only other person on LJ who has "three wishes" listed as an interest. that must be important.

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Ooh, I did that...I found the only other person with "evil bunnies" or "evil rabbits" (don't remember, too lazy to check) as an interest and made friends with them.

Yay for interests.

That is awesome! I swear, if anyone ever adds Rob Paravonian or Elvendude, I will show up with flowers and a casserole.

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