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It is seori's birthday today. I <3 her very, very much. She is one of the best long-distance friends a person could ever hope for. She is kind and loving, honest and devoted. She is intelligent and witty and patient and thoughtful. I am very, very lucky to count her among my friends.

My character and her character. <3.

Rosie, I hope you have an awesome day and an awesome year. You are wonderful!

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Oh, I heart you so much! This is the best picture ever. The clothes! And they are happy! (I also want to discuss potential storyline stuff if possible - I'll be back in Exeter soon, and can get online tomorrow)

Thank you very much - for the picture, and for the lovely words. They really mean a lot <3

Yes, we have BABIES to discuss. I also have candy for you but it's in Connecticut and need to mail! Love you, have a wonderful day!

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