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Tea: Or How I Got That Way
In unpacking things from my parents' house; I've discovered all kinds of exciting stuff, as you all know, but one of the things I found was photos. Here are 42 photos of me from 1978-2003, the first 25 years.

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You were an unfairly adorable little costumed baby.

I think the fact that my mother apparently spent the majority of my infancy putting me in costumes and taking pictures of it probably helps with that.

Hee! :D I love your vast array of costumes! And your E.T. snowman. XD

I had a Strawberry Shortcake snowman, a Cabbage Patch Kid snowman, and dinosaur snowmen. I think a Cookie Monster one, too. And then a few years ago, I made a Snow Spongebob. I love making the funny snowmen!


In other news, I want your hair.

OMG SO MANY CUTE BABY PICS. totally overload!

Also, you totally look like a model in 32 and 35.

Aw, thanks. 32 is just me fooling around in my basement in a retro dress of my mom's. 35 is one of the pictures for my senior yearbook in college. I went with one of me staring out of a castle window.

WOOOOW you had THE best costumes as a kid! And did I spy an E.T. snowman?!?

My mom made me AWESOME costumes. And yes! ET snowman!

Are you Amilié in that last one?

Awesome Rainbow Bright costume FTW

Yup! Amelie! It was for cinediva's birthday.

And my mom made the Rainbow Brite!

ET SNOWMAN! I'm sorry, it stood out. How did you get to be brown? Was that like dirt or something?

And awesome costumes!


No, to paint snow, you mix tempera paint (poster paint) with water at about a 1-to-1 ratio in a spray bottle (you can re-use one from spray-on cleaners). Then you squirt. It also covers the snow sculpture with a thin layer of ice which helps it last longer.

Did you ever wear normal clothing as a child? That picture of you as Ronald McDonald is possibly my favorite.

Well, when I was really little, my mother made most of my clothes. So she made me a lot of costumes interspersed with real clothes, like the dress in the back to school picture. One of the ones I couldn't even find a picture of was me in my Robin Hood costume, which is the one I seriously wore every day.

When I got to third grade was when my mother put her foot down and said I wasn't allowed to wear the costumes to school anymore. I mostly adhered to that until high school, when I started dressing like a freak again.

I am so jealous of the amount of costumes you have owned/worn! I think I would have lived my life in a strange costume as a child if I had had the choice.

And you look EXCELLENT with that bob in the last picture :D

I totally did. And when I got away from home, I did the costume thing all over again.

And thank you! The bob pic is me as Amelie for cinediva's 25th birthday, I believe it was.

The Holly Hobby (I think?) picture is adorable!

Thanks! My mom was obsessed with Holly Hobbie.

Let's see.
1.) You wore such awesome costumes!
2.) The ET snowman rocks my world.
3.) Your eyes could be none more brown.
4.) Silver pleather pants will save us all.
5.) Where's the n00dz?

1) I had an awesome mother!
2) Thank you!
3) I love my eyes.
4) The other person in that pic is goffchick

Hehe you haven't changed one bit! Nice costumes.

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